Using a PS3 Sixaxis controller with a Motorola Xoom

first_imgGaming on mobile devices is becoming more commonplace every day, but the design of a 10″ tablet isn’t really very friendly when it comes to playing your D-Pad style games. There have been tons of attempts to fix this, but for some games there’s just no replacement for the traditional controller.We’ve seen people connect the Wii remote to an Android device, and at Google I/O they showed off being able to connect a PC controller to Android 3.1 devices, but what about the PS3? Can we get some Sixaxis love on our Android devices? Turns out we can thanks to a pair of apps in the Android Market and some cables.The Sixaxis Controller app is $1.74 in  the Android Market, and requires that you be rooted in order for it to work on your phone. However, you can still connect your PS3 controller to your tablet via USB and take advantage of the traditional controller feel for your Android games.If you’re rooted, you can connect up to 4 PS3 controllers and use them to play any game that supports controllers. The first thing that comes to mind are some of the emulator apps, load up your favorite multiplayer Nintendo game and go nuts, but we’re going to give it a shot with some of the native Android titles in the video below.Without root access, you’re offered the same functionality as you would connecting an Xbox Contoller or a PC gamepad, but with a USB extender you can sit back and enjoy yourself with many of the Android games in the market. I have noticed that many Tegra Zone games don’t support controllers, particularly the games that have their own virtual controllers. What about you, what game would you play?last_img

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