This Bag Of Tostitos Is Also A Breathalyzer That Calls An Uber

first_imgStay on target Starbucks to Deliver Nationwide Via Uber EatsUber’s New Rideshare Tier Is the Height of Comfort A lot of football fans are going to spend this weekend getting very, very drunk. Just in case some of those folks need help understanding that they shouldn’t drive, Tostitos is ready to lend a helping hand!They’ve created this bonkers — and fairly high-tech — bag. It contains more than just air and tortilla chips. It also packs a functional breathalyzer. Blow into the hole at the top of the bag, and it’ll light up to let you know what your BAC looks like.If a green wheel shows up, you’re still OK to drive. Get the blinking red wheel and the DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE message and, well… do what it says. Don’t be an idiot.via GIPHYSuppose no one else at your Super Bowl party is in any shape to drive you home, then what? Tostitos has thought of that, too. The bag is even equipped with a NFC tag. Tap it to your smartphone or tablet (assuming you’re still lucid enough to know where it is and make a successful tap) and the bag will initiate an Uber pickup for you.You’ll even save $10 off the ride, which is great because there’s a very good chance you’ll be drunk enough to over pay, forget your wallet, or at least spill its contents all over the back seat before you stumble out like a one-legged zombie when you reach your destination.There’s a very limited number of these Tostitos bags floating around, but they’ve been all over the news. If the bags themselves don’t prevent people from drinking and driving, hopefully, the buzz they’ve created will help.As Adweek notes, in 2015 alone there were 45 people killed in vehicle accidents on Super Bowl Sunday. Let’s see if we can’t drop that number to zero this year.last_img

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