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State announces work plan and funding for mobile home removal

first_imgLieutenant Governor Phil Scott and Secretary of Commerce and Community Development Lawrence Miller, who have been leading a task force to organize coordinated and affordable removal of flood-damaged mobile homes from mobile home parks, announced a work plan for that project, as well as some unexpected good news: thanks to successful fundraising, the cost to each individual homeowner will be less than anticipated.  When the group initially announced the program in September, the anticipated cost to each homeowner who enrolled was $1,500 – a substantial savings over the typical removal cost, which ranged from $3,500-$4,500 for older homes. The group was able to achieve these savings by creating “economies of scale” whereby demolition contractors would work on several homes at the same location at the same time. Thanks to an outpouring of donations after that announcement, the task force is now able to offer a $1,500 credit to each homeowner – making the removal service essentially free. “With the large donations that have come in from groups like Aubuchon Hardware, the Argosy Foundation and Ben and Jerry’s, and with the help of the Vermont Community Foundation to raise yet more funds, we’re at a point where we’re confident announcing that the program will, in fact, come at no cost to mobile home owners,” said Secretary Miller, who worked closely with VCF on fundraising efforts. Lt. Governor Scott, who has worked with the Associated General Contractors of Vermont to organize contractor teams, added that the task force is now ready to begin demolition at Weston’s Mobile Home Park in Berlin, which had the highest number of substantially damaged mobile homes after Irene. Approximately 70 homes at Weston’s were damaged in the flood, and the task force believes about a dozen of those homeowners will take advantage of this removal program. Pre-construction meetings with homeowners will take place next week. Any Weston’s resident who is interested in taking advantage of this program will need to attend one of the following sessions, to be held at the park: Monday, October 24, 2:00 PMMonday, October 24, 5:00 PMWednesday, October 26, 4:00 PM At these meetings, task force representatives will explain the process and make sure that each homeowner has completed all of the steps required to proceed with removal. First and foremost, homeowners need to have completed the FEMA grant process and be satisfied with their awards, since FEMA requires that the individual still own their home in order to receive financial assistance. Homeowners also need to produce evidence of title, show written consent from any lenders holding a lien on their home, be in good tax standing with their town, and sign a general release form. Contractors will begin demolition at Weston’s starting Monday, October 31. For residents of other flooded mobile home parks, information packets will be mailed out early next week, and homeowners will have until November 15 to register for the program. People can register or get more information by calling the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity at (802) 660-3455, ext. 204. Demolition teams will be mobilized for each of those parks as soon as all interested homeowners have completed the required paperwork and the FEMA application process. “I’m anxious to move forward on this project, as are all of the affected homeowners,” said Lt. Governor Scott. “Recovery from a disaster as large as Irene takes a lot of time, money, and patience – all of which we’re running out of as winter approaches. We wanted to expedite removal of these homes and make it as cost-effective as possible, so that mobile homeowners could be given a clean slate to put a new home on their lot,” he said. “I’d also like to thank my partners on this task force: Secretary Miller, the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, the Vermont Community Foundation, the Associated General Contractors of Vermont, and the law firm of Downs Rachlin Martin,” Scott said. “We brought the right people together to get the job done.”last_img read more

Peruvian Navy Uses Buoys Provided by United States to Monitor El Niño

first_imgThe satellite-linked, profiling buoys will provide the Peruvian Navy’s Hydrography and Navigation Bureau information on salinity and temperature in real-time for a 2,000-meter deep, vertical column of water under each 30-kilogram buoy. “At a lower salinity, we can see the origins of the currents, and as for temperature, we can see the ocean’s behavior with respect to the rain,” Commander Julio Vílchez Moscoso, the Hydrography and Navigation Bureau’s chief program planner, told TV Perú on March 7th. The buoys will also “contribute to increased understanding of the large-scale ocean dynamics that maintain the upper ocean temperature structure in the equatorial Pacific,” Steve Piotrowicz, a NOAA oceanographer, said in an interview with Diálogo. Peru’s Navy recently placed 12 profiling buoys in the Pacific Ocean in an effort to help prevent the damaging effects of the El Niño climate phenomenon. The U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO), and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provided the buoys to the Peruvian Sea Institute (IMARPE), which will help authorities in the Andean nation respond effectively to emergency situations. The Argo program IMARPE and the National Research Committee on the El Niño Phenomenon initially received the buoys from NOAA and NAVOCEANO, and coordinated with the Peruvian Navy for the deployment of the buoys. This joint effort deepens Peruvian-U.S. ties, as the countries already have been working together to combat transnational organized crime groups. Real time data From January 1st to March 10th, strong rains caused by El Niño killed at least 14 people and adversely impacted more than 59,000 others, while flooding and seasonal rains attributed to the phenomenon impacted 21 regions, according to Miguel Yamasaki, an official with Perú’s National Civil Defense Institute, as reported by the Mexican online newspaper Imagen del Golfo. More than 1,000 hectares of plantain and rice crops were flooded when the Tumbes River in northern Perú overflowed its banks after four days of rain caused by El Niño, the Office of the President of the Republic of Perú reported on March 4th. By Dialogo March 25, 2016 In the autumn and winter of 1982-1983, the Andean nation suffered estimated economic losses of $3.2 billion in damages caused by El Niño. During the same period in 1997-1998, Perú sustained economic losses of $3.5 billion in damages during the El Niño season, according to the Ministry of the Environment. The scientific project began deploying buoys in 2000. Currently, there are more than 3,600 active, floating buoys. There are parts of the ocean that are overpopulated with buoys while other sections have gaps and need additional buoys. National programs need to provide approximately 800 buoys annually for the project to continue, according to Argo. The Kelvin and Rossby waves are the main causes of the El Niño effect. These waves originate in the western equatorial Pacific and move to the eastern Pacific, bringing significant effects, such as floods that can endanger human life and damage the country’s fishing and agricultural industries, according to the Peruvian Navy. “The data are used in a large variety of ocean forecasting and product development programs. One of the major uses by the fishing industry has been forecasting of El Niño events. The present array has been deployed near the end of an El Niño event and will provide observations of the decay of the event off the coast,” Piotrowicz said. These buoys are “extremely reliable,” Piotrowicz said. “The floats deployed in this program can be expected to provide high-quality observations of temperature and salinity to depths of 2,000 meters every 10 days for 4-5 years. The floats will drift with the currents at 1,000 meters, the depth at which floats park for nine days between profiling cycles.” On March 7th, the Peruvian Naval ship BAP Zimic, carrying a 25-member crew, left the port of Callao to drop the buoys between Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands – 240 miles from the coast – as part of its oceanographic mission. The BAP Zimic’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander César Ferrer, oversaw the mission, which included spending 15 days positioning the buoys. “I was chief scientist for a research cruise to study the Perú upwelling in 1983 where the Peruvian Navy transported a shipment of radioisotopes for biological research from Lima to the ship off the coast of southern Peru,” he said. “The original shipment of radioisotopes was accidentally left on the tarmac in Miami, Florida by the airline and with the Peruvian Navy’s assistance the ship was able to leave port on time and the Navy transported the radioisotopes to southern Perú and then out to the ship. The Peruvian Navy [also] provided logistical support for a cruise staging from Callao to deploy a mooring in the SW Pacific in the mid-90s.” EXCELLENT INFORMATION ON EL NIÑO, I WILL SHARE IT AMONG THE PROFESSORS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Hi, I am very pleased and very much enjoy reading about matters of such great importance.Receive my congratulations and my regards The buoys will help authorities obtain information on, and prepare for, El Niño. “We had no information about the El Niño phenomenon in this sector,” Commander Javier Fernández Segura, chief of the Peruvian Navy’s Oceanography Department. El Niño effects “Global climate models have strong biases in the eastern equatorial Pacific and observations are necessary to both reduce these biases and to initialize the anomalies for seasonal prediction. Lack of observations in this region are likely to lead to larger forecast errors,” Piotrowicz said. “The buoys have led to closer cooperation between the United States and Perú in oceanographic research to ensure an efficient and timely response to the effects of El Niño,” Cmdr. Fernández explained. “Peruvians now have a technological tool to take preventive measures and protect ourselves from the effects of El Niño.” The government of Perú will not only be able to monitor ocean conditions present north of the country, in the zone lying between 2 degrees north and 4 degrees south [latitude], “authorities will also gain greater planning capacity and better preventive measures to counteract and respond to [the effects of] El Niño,” Cmdr. Fernández stated. “This joint effort will contribute to the country’s development because it will provide the fishing industry information on what is going to happen based on conditions at sea and migrations or new species of fish that might come with a change from warm to cold waters. Businesses can prevent and counteract these events.” “It is important [for us] to be part of this scientific project and to contribute to oceanographic research to monitor the El Niño phenomenon, which has a global impact,” Cmdr. Fernández said. “The information is shared with the United States.” “Many years ago, Perú had a series of research buoys located 400 miles from the coast. They also allowed us to monitor the El Niño phenomenon, within the latitudes where Perú lies. The continual theft of the buoys’ solar panels led to the project being cancelled. This new technology is resistant to vandalism since the buoys are no longer always floating on the surface,” he added. And even before that, the Perú Navy had already provided logistical support to other research joint efforts with the United States, according to NOAA’s Piotrowicz. With the buoys, Perú will actively participate in the Argo program, together with 50 research and operational agencies from 21 countries, including the United States, Chile, and Argentina, according to Argo’s website. Argo is a scientific operational project by the Global Climate Observation System and the Global Ocean Observation System under the World Climate Research Program’s project Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability, and Change. It’s sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, and the International Council for Science. last_img read more

4 questions to ask your job candidate’s references

first_imgYou have qualified candidates in mind for an open position at your organization and it’s time for you to call on their references. Before you pick up the phone make sure you’re prepared with appropriate and detailed questions to help you make the right decision for your company.“Tell me about your work together. When did this take place?”This verifies the relationship between the reference and the candidate. It also confirms whether the dates they gave for their work history are in fact accurate.“We are looking to hire _______ for ________ position. It will require this skill set _______. Can you rate how he/she on these competencies?”This question is important because although a candidate may describe how they are qualified, they may not actually have relevant work experience. This allows a previous manager to give honest feedback you can use to determine if the candidate is suitable for the job.“What would you say are his/her strengths and weaknesses?”Many hiring managers will also choose to ask the candidate this exact question. But, it is well known that job seekers often put a positive spin on their work ethic. This will give you a clearer view of the candidate’s abilities.“Can you tell me about their departure?”This will allow you to understand the conditions of why they left and whether it aligns with what the candidate previously described. You will be able to get a grasp on whether they left on good terms and if they were well thought of at their previous place of employment. 27SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wendy Moody Wendy Moody is a Senior Editor with Wendy works with the editorial team to help edit the content including current news, press releases, jobs and events. She keeps … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Ithaca Police investigating reports of shots fired on West State Street

first_imgThe investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the Ithaca Police Department.Police Dispatch: 607-272-3245Police Administration: 607-272-9973Police Tipline: 607-330-0000Anonymous Email Tip Address: Upon arrival, officers spoke with several witnesses who said they saw a man fire a gun in the 300 block of West State Street, before fleeing the area in a vehicle. Police say before the gunshot, a vehicle pulled into an empty parking lot across from the department of social services, and one man got out. The car is described as a four-door light blue Dodge. After getting out of the car, the man fired one round down West State Street before getting back into the vehicle and leaving the area.center_img The police department says at 4:58 p.m., the Tompkins County 911 Center received multiple calls regarding shots fired in the area of the Tompkins County Department of Social Services on 320 West State Street. There are no injuries reported as a result of this incident. ITHACA, N.Y. (WBNG) — The Ithaca Police Department is investigating reports of shots fired Thursday.last_img read more

Gold price surge blessing in disguise for Indonesia

first_imgThe recent surge in gold prices could be a boon for Indonesia, despite the economic risks that loom behind the spike in demand for the safe haven commodity.The price of bullion touched its highest level ever on Tuesday, with investors rushing to park their money in safe-haven assets, as concerns grow about a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the global economy.Gold futures have soared nearly 30 percent this year to US$1,941 per ounce, beating the previous record of $1,921 in 2011, with the bullish rally kicking off earlier this month, Reuters data show. Several analysts project the price of bullion to top $2,100 this year because of the continued uncertainty around the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the global economy this year, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expecting a 4.9 percent contraction in the world economy before rebounding to 5.4 percent growth next year. IMF projects Indonesia’s economy to shrink 0.3 percent this year.According to official records, the virus has infected more than 16 million individuals across the globe, including more than 100,000 in Indonesia. Several countries, including China and Hong Kong, have decided to tighten health protocols amid rising case numbers after reopening their economies.“The positive sentiment for gold is driven by the public’s demand for safe-haven assets during the COVID-19 pandemic,” state-owned metal miner PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) senior vice president corporate secretary Kunto Hendraprawoko told the Post.“We will continue to make innovations to meet rising market demand,” he added, explaining that the company had seen a “significant surge” in online sales of the precious metal in the second quarter as the economy tumbled.Read also: Metal miner Antam allocates $5.5m for exploration amid dwindling gold reservesThe price of gold sold by Antam jumped 2.5 percent to Rp 1.02 million ($70.1) per gram on Tuesday from a day earlier. The stocks of the company, traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) under the code ANTM, have also risen more than 19 percent in the past month on the back of the gold price rally.However, the company’s stock price slipped 0.69 percent to Rp 720 apiece on Tuesday session, with the price dropping 14.3 percent so far this year.The stocks of mining company PT Merdeka Copper Gold, traded under the code MDKA, have also jumped 32.6 percent in the past month.The main driver behind the soaring gold price has been escalating fears over the global economic downturn caused by the COVID‐19 pandemic and the massive stimulus measures introduced by central banks around the globe to lessen the impacts, according to a research note by Revinitiv Metals Research.“The overall macroeconomic backdrop remains very supportive for gold,” it said. “We believe that gold will continue its uptrend, driven by growing concerns over the global economic recession, fears of a second wave of COVID‐19, heightened geopolitical tensions, and rising inflationary expectation amidst stimulus measures launched by central banks.”Although the soaring gold price could be an indicator of economic uncertainty, financial markets in Indonesia and abroad have generally been performing well since the slump in March, according to Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia economist Anthony Kevin.Read also: Gold hits record high on haven demand as markets rally sputters“This is a rare event when people are relatively bullish on the stock market while at the same time they are also being defensive by investing in gold,” Anthony told the Post, adding that the US Federal Reserve’s stimulus and the good performance of technology shares in the US had spillover effects on emerging stock markets, including in Indonesia.The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI), the main gauge of the IDX, has gained around 11 percent in the last three months after losing around 38 percent of its value in March.“Investors may have become worried that the appreciation in stock prices will not be justified in second quarter earnings, prompting them to buy gold as a hedge against market volatility,” Anthony said.“We expect for now this will be a positive sign for gold miners in the short and medium term,” he said, adding that gold prices might rally further in the next three to four months amid rising virus cases and could top $2,100 per ounce.Topics : Gold is a popular safe-haven asset for investors who want to hedge their funds against falling currencies and instability in financial markets, said Bank Central Asia (BCA) economist David Sumual, adding that its price usually increased when economic uncertainty was on the rise.Read also: Gold rockets toward $2,000 as Fed stimulus sinks dollar“Uncertainty around a second wave of the outbreak has seen gold prices go through the roof and this will benefit Indonesia,” David told The Jakarta Post during a phone interview on Tuesday. “As gold exporters, Indonesian gold miners will benefit significantly from the higher demand and price.”Indonesia exported $4.36 billion in precious metals, gems and jewelry during this year’s first six months, a 36.3 percent increase year-on-year (yoy), while total exports during the same period fell 5.5 percent yoy, Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data show.last_img read more

Arsenal consider transfer move for Chelsea target Leon Bailey

first_imgAdvertisement Arsenal consider transfer move for Chelsea target Leon Bailey Advertisement Euro 2020 postponed over coronavirusTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Play VideoLoaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 1:05FullscreenEuro 2020 postponed over coronavirus is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.MORE: Chelsea academy star Conor Gallagher backed to break into Frank Lampard’s first-team squadMORE: Arsenal should prioritise defensive signing like Issa Diop, says Alan HuttonFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page. Commentcenter_img Coral BarryWednesday 18 Mar 2020 5:16 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link699Shares Arteta would need to sell to sign Bailey (Picture: Getty)And it appears the player who could be sacrificed is club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.Arsenal’s top scorer has been the subject of intense transfer speculation and could fetch over £50m if the Gunners put him on the market.Barcelona are eager to sign Aubameyang and have made numerous attempts to unsettle the Gabon international ahead of the summer window.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityBailey, 22, is considered one of the Bundesliga’s best young talents and was linked with a host of Premier League sides before he joined Leverkusen in 2017 from Genk.The Jamaican international’s season has been restricted by injuries and suspensions, but Bailey has still scored five times in 14 Bundesliga appearances.Chelsea and Arsenal’s transfer plans might be affected by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak which has forced the Premier League to suspend games.League chiefs are hopeful the season can be finished during the summer after UEFA confirmed the European Championships has been postponed to next year. Bailey is valued at around £85m (Picture: Getty)Arsenal are tracking Leon Bailey ahead of a potential move for the Bayer Leverkusen’s star this summer, according to reports.Frank Lampard has already sanctioned Chelsea’s move for the forward, who is expected to cost £85million and is also wanted by Manchester United and Liverpool. The Daily Express claim Chelsea face competition from Arsenal and like their Premier League rivals, the Gunners are in a good position to sign Bailey.Read the latest updates: Coronavirus news liveADVERTISEMENTLeverkusen do not want to sell to a domestic rival, making it more likely Bailey will make a switch to England or Spain.AdvertisementAdvertisementHowever, Arsenal’s interest depends on whether they can raise transfer funds.Mike Arteta could have a limited budget if Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League.Missing out on a spot in the Champions League would mean Arteta would have to sell to raise the cash to hijack Chelsea’s move for Bailey.last_img read more

Investors urged to push for company transparency on climate change lobbying

first_img“Many publicly owned companies are paying members of these trade associations, which seems at odds with their public calls for a strong international policy framework to combat climate change,” ShareAction said.There was a need for greater transparency on the alignment of companies’ climate positions with those of the trade associations they supported, the group said. “Greater disclosure will allow investors to determine whether the lobbying being undertaken on behalf of companies is in the best interests of the company and its investors,” it said.On Friday, oil company Shell announced it would not renew its membership of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – a trade association known for taking climate-sceptic positions. Shell said it was leaving ALEC because of the association’s stance on climate change.In June, Swedish pensions buffer fund AP2 and the pension funds for the London borough of Enfield and staff of UK union UNISON were among 19 institutional investors urging Shell in a letter to leave several US and European industry groups argued to be hampering the move to a low-carbon economy.,WebsitesWe are not responsible for the content of external sitesLink to ShareAction briefing note Investors are being put at risk by FTSE 100 companies’ continued support of climate-sceptic lobby groups, contrary to an often public endorsement of climate action. UK NGO ShareAction said that trade associations were largely used to lobbty on matters of climate policy, but argued that the largely undisclosed lobbying could put companies and investors at risk, it said.“Investors therefore need to take a strong stance on pushing for transparency and action,” it said in a briefing note analysing the risks of membership of “obstructive” EU trade associations to companies and their investors.The group said its recommendations were based on research by the Policy Studies Institute (PSI) at the University of Westminster, which it said had recently highlighted how several major EU trade associations have actively lobbied against climate change mitigation. last_img read more

Escape the city for this private waterfront retreat

first_img The home has a relaxed, open design.Within the secure Calypso Bay precinct, residents have access to the local cafe, pools, tennis courts and 24-hour gymnasium. The marina is an ideal place to jag dinner too — Jewfish and Mangrove Jack are among the common catch.“My husband has caught 271 different species of fish off our pontoon,” she said. “My family loves to kayak around the marina too, it feels really safe.”Shannon Smith, Smith & Co Realty – Paradise Point is marketing the 884sq m property with an asking price of $1.65 million. The Calypso Bay home feels more like a resort.Indeed, Jacobs Well offers an idyllic waterfront lifestyle with easy access to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast for work.Boating and fishing enthusiasts are spoiled for choice, with the Broadwater, Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay close by.Staying at home isn’t a bad option either, with the two-storey architecturally-designed home, at 78 Marina Parade, reminiscent of a holiday retreat. “We really love the design,” said Ms Lyness.“There’s lots of glass to let the light in and it feels like the outside and inside merge.” MORE: Could this be Australia’s best house? The home is designed to wrap around the pool.Open plan living defines the ground floor, which has two lounge zones and a dining area as well as a study and guest suite. Upstairs, the luxurious master has a generous walk-in robe, private balcony and ensuite bathroom. There are also three secondary bedrooms, two with ensuites, and a media room with views from the balcony.“You can see the water and the mountains from most rooms,” she said.“The sunsets are truly magic.” The city feels a world away from 78 Marina Pde, Jacobs Well.ON any given day, a rich array of wildlife can be found feeding and frolicking in and around the peaceful waters of Calypso Bay.Countless species of birds patrol the sky while below you’ll spot pelicans, fish, turtles and dolphins cruising the currents in search of their next meal. “In the afternoons when I get home from work, we’ll take the kids down to the water for a walk or just sit on the pontoon,” said Nicole Lyness, who is selling her Calypso Bay home for a tree change. “It’s so peaceful here. Even though we’re only 15 minutes from the motorway, it feels far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.” Gold Coast builder nabs beachside block for $10M project More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa7 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag1 day agoWhere is the city again?The house is designed to wrap around the infinity edge pool, which is elevated with a waterfall edge, while the sun deck overlooks the tropical gardens and marina.“The whole house feels more like a resort,” said Ms Lyness. “The L shape design protects the outdoor area and makes it all feel very private.” Middle of the market set to lead post COVID-19 saleslast_img read more

UN Wants Bodies Exhumed from Mass Grave in DRC

first_imgUN investigators expected in volatile DRC next week The UN mission in Democratic Republic of Congo urged the government on Wednesday to exhume more than 400 bodies buried last month in a mass grave, the head of the organisation’s human rights office said.Local authorities in the capital Kinshasa have said they buried 421 corpses overnight on 19 March in the rural commune of Maluku. The government says the bodies are unclaimed foetuses, stillborn babies and homeless people from the city morgue.However, rights groups suspect that some might be people killed in anti-government protests in January or an earlier crackdown on criminals in Kinshasa.“We recommended doing the exhumation but it is up to the authorities to take all measures to reassure the population and to combat rumours,” José Maria Aranaz, director of the UN’s DRC-based Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO), said at a news conference.Justice Minister Alexis Thambwe said last week that the government was prepared to exhume the bodies if asked by UN officials or the US-based campaign group Human Rights Watch.However, Thambwe said on Monday that the decision would be left to the prosecutor leading an investigation into the burials, explaining that the government wanted to show it could conduct a transparent investigation on its own.Congolese authorities say the mass burial of unclaimed bodies is a common practice used to clear space at the overcrowded central morgue in Kinshasa.Aranaz said that the UN mission was providing logistical support to the Congolese investigation in addition to carrying out its own. He said that his office had asked the government for all pertinent documents, including the morgue registry and death certificates, but was still awaiting a response– REUTERSRelated UN says peacekeeper killed in attack on DRC military basecenter_img UN investigators find ‘mass graves’ in DR Congolast_img read more

Premier League clubs push for July 27 transfer window

first_imgPremier League clubs want the transfer window to open as soon as this season concludes. Teams know there is a rush to ensure that signings are made for next season. And a Thursday shareholders meeting will discuss the transfer window and other matters related to next season. One of the ideas is to start the window on July 27 and have it run until October 5 or 6.Advertisement Promoted Content10 Stargazing Locations To ‘Connect With Nature’6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread ArtPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D GraffitiThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love WithWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?10 Albino Animals Who Look Like Ghosts8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime20 Completely Unexpected Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’6 Great Ancient Mysteries That Make China Worth Visiting7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market Value The last dates are when UEFA has recommended countries to conclude their windows ahead of next season, per the Daily Mail. read also:Premier League: Chelsea edge out Palace in five-goal thriller There is the issue of players who are involved in Championship playoffs, UEFA Champions League or Europa League games after July 25. But it is not an issue that would impact most teams, so the majority may vote for the window to start July 27. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Loading… last_img read more