Month: December 2020

Elderwood at Waverly reports 25 resident cases of coronavirus, plus 11 employees

first_imgAdditionally, the facility said they have implemented extensive isolation and infection protocol in line with the CDC and New York State Department of Health’s guidelines. Elderwood at Waverly said they have contacted the families of residents who tested positive for the virus, giving them the status of their current condition. The facility also said they have distributed additional devices such as iPads to allow resident to connect with their loved ones. Elderwood at Waverly said residents will be monitored closely for symptoms and will continue to get tested. They also said that all communal activities have been canceled and extra precautions have been put in place by clinical staff. In addition to residents, the facility said 11 employees have come down with the virus since March. Elderwood at Waverly said the people who came back with a positive test for the virus are now staying in isolation units. The facility said they have been in close contact with Tioga County health officials as well as the New York State Department of Health about the new cases. The facility said they have been in close contact with local and state health officials to ensure that they get access to adequate personal protective equipment. The facility said they have conducted additional testing in collaboration with Guthrie Laboratory Services, and they will be partnering with Guthrie to help with follow-up procedures including telehealth visits. As of Saturday, 11 new cases were confirmed, which brings the total number to 25. The new positive cases were revealed as a result of a new initiative conducted by Elderwood involving widespread testing of asymptomatic residents. Elderwood said that through this new initiative, there were 28 negative tests. WAVERLY (WBNG) — Elderwood at Waverly said Saturday there are now more than two dozen cases of coronavirus in residents at its facility. Learn more about the facility here.last_img read more

‘Graduation Weekend’ in RumbleTown begins tomorrow

first_imgThere is also time between each ceremony to sanitize and clean. Each school will hold multiple ceremonies, in order to keep in line with the state’s guidelines. Each graduate is allowed two guests, with 150 people allowed per ceremony. Rumble Ponies Managing Director John Bayne said the organization chose to do this because “at the end of the day the kids deserved a graduation ceremony, and you have a lot of proud parents out there that want to see their kid graduate.” While this is not a traditional gradutation ceremony, Chenango Forks principal Tim Simonds says the students are appreciative they are able to have an in-person ceremony. Bayne says while it’s sad the stadium isn’t being used for baseball, he is “certainly happy that it’s for such a good cause and at the end of the day, that’s why we’re doing it.” Everyone in attendance is required to wear masks, and the Rumble Ponies staff placed yellow markers on seats to indicate where guests can sit. center_img BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — With no Rumble Ponies in town, high school graduates will take over the field at NYSEG Stadium this weekend. The Rumble Ponies teamed up with Chenango Forks High School, Maine-Endwell High School and Binghamton High School to provide a location for graduation ceremonies. “Forks Nation is coming into RumbleTown. The community coming together just adds so much spirit and support for kids.” Chenango Forks will hold three ceremonies Friday, followed by four Maine-Endwell ceremonies Saturday. On Sunday, Binghamton High School will hold seven ceremonies, beginning in the morning and running until 10 p.m.last_img read more

Neighbors deal with difficult aftermath of Sunday morning fire on Liberty Street

first_img“Because if I didn’t get up, what would have happened? There were babies in that apartment, right there where the flames were, it’s hard,” sobbed Cherry. However, highlighting how close his neighborhood is, he says he’s pushing forward. Jumping into action, her family started waking up other tenants in the building. “You still see the picture frames on the wall, but the pictures actually look like they’re crumbled from the heat,” explained Stevens. “You have to always look to the positive no matter what it is because if you let the negative get you down, you just stay there.” BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — After Sunday’s early morning fire on Liberty Street in Binghamton, neighbors who lived inside the burned building are dealing with the difficult aftermath. At last check, authorities say the cause of the fire is currently unknown, and the investigation is ongoing. Describing the scene, fellow neighbor Keith Stevens said, “And it just got to be so bad, by the time I got out here and moved my car, I looked on the other side and you can actually see the flames coming out of the other side of the building.” Neighbors are now wondering what, if anything, is left. While authorities say everyone got out safely, one day later brings its own trauma. Early Sunday, Brenda Cherry got out of bed on Liberty Street to use the bathroom when she saw smoke in her apartment.last_img read more

A fall without Friday night lights: Athletes react to postponement

first_img(WBNG) — Athletes across the Southern Tier are staying positive after finding out high-risk sports are postponed until next March. Ultimately, it is up to the sections to allow athletes to participate in two sports at once. “A leader in each stunt group has been getting their group together and we’d go down to the field and work on our skills,” said Haley. “All we want to do is be together and do what we love,” said Bambara. “It’s a little nerve wracking knowing we’re going to have to do our fast-paced competitive season first,” said Haley. “Me, Lucas (Scott) and some of the other guys were trying to get the kids together as much as we could just to get ready for a possible season,” said Austin. For multi-sport athletes, the overlap in seasons next spring is causing concerns. While a postponed fall season isn’t ideal, athletes are looking forward to the return. Each sport is impacted in a different way. Union-Endicott sophomore Ireland Bambara plays softball and cheers. “Personally I cannot choose between which sport, I love both,” she said. The two seniors spent the last few months rallying their teams together for workouts. Organized team practices are not allowed to begin until September 21. center_img If playing both at the same time is the option, Bambara said she will make it work. The overlap is also on Austin’s mind. “I love baseball too. Even though I love football a little more, I still want to play baseball,” he said. “We’re still going to keep working hard, hopefully get the coaches out there too,” said Austin. “Definitely a relief. I hate being on the edge of can we play, can we not play,” said Chenango Forks football player Ray Austin. For cheerleaders, the winter season holds the highest level of competition. Without a fall season, they’ll have less time to prepare. “It was very exciting to know at least we were going to be able to do it,” said Union-Endicott cheerleader Elizabeth Haley. “I just want to be on the field again and play with my friends,” said Austin. Schools across Section IV are still mapping out their plan for sports this fall, but Austin and Haley are hopeful they’ll be able to practice under their coaches soon. “Cheer is very consuming, along with softball,” said Bambara. “I think I could do it. I don’t want to have to do it but if it came down to it I feel like I should.”last_img read more

New SUNY protocols bring big consequences to students breaking COVID-19 rules

first_img“If you’re going to come to campus, please pay attention to what you’re doing,” said Ross-Scott. “Wear a mask, sit in the assigned seat we’ve given you. Think about it, it’s for your health, and the health of the community.” “When we call [students] and say ‘Hey, you’re part of the random sample, you need to come in and test,’ you need to come,” said SUNY Broome Vice President of Student Development and Chief Diversity Officer Carol Ross-Scott. SUNY Broome is asking students to stay vigilant, and take the necessary extra precautions. “People are listening, our community is listening to us. If you just listen and follow the guidelines, we’ll be okay and we’ll be able to keep our numbers very low,” said Ross-Scott. Binghamton University has seen a rise in positive cases, with the current number at 34. SUNY Broome has had a little more luck, only having one active case right now. “If it’s really egregious, not only are we going to suspend you from our campus, you’re not going to be able to attend another SUNY institution,” said Ross-Scott. The new protocols bring consequences to actions like failing to quarantine, or holding large gatherings both on and off-campus. If a student breaks those rules, they could face a suspension, or even expulsion. (WBNG) — As colleges all across the U.S. experience COVID-19 cases on campus, the SUNY system has introduced some new rules to keep the virus contained. To read the full list of new protocols, head over to this link.last_img read more

Ithaca Police investigating reports of shots fired on West State Street

first_imgThe investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the Ithaca Police Department.Police Dispatch: 607-272-3245Police Administration: 607-272-9973Police Tipline: 607-330-0000Anonymous Email Tip Address: Upon arrival, officers spoke with several witnesses who said they saw a man fire a gun in the 300 block of West State Street, before fleeing the area in a vehicle. Police say before the gunshot, a vehicle pulled into an empty parking lot across from the department of social services, and one man got out. The car is described as a four-door light blue Dodge. After getting out of the car, the man fired one round down West State Street before getting back into the vehicle and leaving the area.center_img The police department says at 4:58 p.m., the Tompkins County 911 Center received multiple calls regarding shots fired in the area of the Tompkins County Department of Social Services on 320 West State Street. There are no injuries reported as a result of this incident. ITHACA, N.Y. (WBNG) — The Ithaca Police Department is investigating reports of shots fired Thursday.last_img read more