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What is the “green cities” movement?

first_imgGreen cities abound in North America, too. In 2005, Portland, Oregon became the first U.S. city to meet carbon dioxide reduction goals set forth in the landmark (if ill-fated) Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement forged to mitigate the threat of global warming. Seattle, Washington also committed to meeting Kyoto’s goals and has persuaded 590 other U.S. cities to do the same under the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. And Vancouver, British Columbia draws 90 percent of its power from renewable sources while its metro area boasts some 200 parks and more than 18 miles of accessible waterfront. While there is no formal green cities organization, per se, many groups have sprung up to help urban areas achieve their sustainability goals. GreenCities Events, for one, hosts conferences around the U.S. at which local experts, policymakers and business leaders share ideas for greening their region. And International Sustainable Solutions takes urban planners, developers and elected officials on tours so they can check out some of the world’s greenest cities to glean first-hand what works and what can be applied back home. Another green cities leader is Rekyjavik, Iceland, where hydrogen-powered buses ply the streets and renewable energy sources—geothermal and hydropower—provide the city’s heat and electricity. London, Copenhagen, Sydney, Barcelona, Bogota and Bangkok, not to mention Sweden’s Malmo, Ecuador’s Bahía de Caráquez and Uganda’s Kampala, also score high for their green attributes and attitudes. Dear EarthTalk: What is the “green cities” movement?                         — John Moulton, Greenwich, CT Best described as a loose association of cities focused on sustainability, the emerging “green cities movement” encompasses thousands of urban areas around the world all striving to lessen their environmental impacts by reducing waste, expanding recycling, lowering emissions, increasing housing density while expanding open space, and encouraging the development of sustainable local businesses. San Francisco is a leader in green building, energy efficiency and alternative energy, and has been on the forefront of the battle to reduce plastic usage. Austin, Texas is fast becoming a world leader in solar equipment production and has made great strides in preserving open space. Chicago has invested hundreds of millions of dollars revitalizing its parks and neighborhoods, and has built some of America’s most eco-friendly downtown buildings. It is also working to provide affordable clean power to low-income families. Of course, many would argue that New York City—with its densely packed housing, reliance on mass transit and walking, and recent green policy moves by Mayor Bloomberg—may be the greenest of all.center_img Perhaps the archetypal green city is Curitiba, Brazil. When architect and urban planner Jamie Lerner became mayor in 1972, he quickly closed six blocks of the city’s central business district to cars, delighting residents and business owners alike. Today the pedestrian-free zone is three times larger and serves as the heart of the bustling metropolis. Lerner also put in place a high-tech bus system, greatly reducing traffic, energy usage and pollution; the move also encouraged density around transit hubs and thus preserved open space in other areas that would have likely turned into suburbia. Today the bus system still goes strong, and three-quarters of the city’s 2.2 million residents rely on it every day. CONTACTS: Mayors Climate Protection Center,; GreenCities Events,; International Sustainable Solutions, SEND YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL QUESTIONS TO: EarthTalk, P.O. Box 5098, Westport, CT 06881; Read past columns at: EarthTalk is now a book! Details and order information at: read more

Video: Only the Essential

first_imgFull film screenings of “only the Essential” officially begin this Friday, December 19 in locations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Vermont. For those of us on the East coast, you can buy the video online at and take a look at the trailer for this exciting film right here. Follow Colin and Casey through the pains and gains of the Pacific Crest Trail and get inspired to tackle your own mountain adventure.last_img

The Fire Next Time: Dealing with Wildfire in the Wake of Gatlinburg

first_imgLast November, wildfire ravaged Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the neighboring communities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tenn. The blaze killed 14 people, damaged more than 2,400 structures, and caused more than $500 million in damages.The fire was started by a pair of teenagers, but a combination of extreme drought, high temperatures, wind, and overgrown forests, aligned to create the devastating combustion.Wildfires are starting earlier, lasting longer, and burning hotter and bigger than ever before.In 2015, more acres burned from wildfire than in any year in recorded history. From 2006-2016, the average of acres burned by wildfire nearly doubled to 7.15 million acres.The widening scope and complexity of wildfire is driven by a myriad of factors: a history of misguided fire suppression; climate change; growing development along wildland boundaries; and an increase in fires caused by humans.Wildfire on a Warming PlanetIn the early 20th century, the U.S. Forest Service adopted a policy of total fire suppression, or fighting all wildfire as quickly as possible. Soon after, the Forest Service launched the Smokey the Bear campaign to help disseminate the idea that fire was a destructive force to be feared and fought.The logic behind fire suppression ran contrary to centuries of Native American and homesteader land management practices. Now, a century later, total fire suppression is viewed as an ecologically backward policy, one that fails to acknowledge the positive presence of fire on different fire-dependent ecosystems. Known as the “Smokey the Bear Effect,” the absence of fire has led to dense forests, excessive underbrush, and a loss of diversity among habitats. In short, fire suppression has made landscapes less resilient to fire, transforming forests into ticking fuel bombs.Climate change is also transforming the frequency, duration, and intensity of wildfire. The globe’s warming temperatures exacerbate many contributors to wildfire: drought, increased lightning strikes, early cold snaps, and diminishing snow pack, to name a few. In the past 30 years, climate change has doubled the expansion of forest fires in the Western United States, according to researchers at the University of Idaho.Though wildfires can happen any time in most of the Southeast’s deciduous forests, fire season historically peaks in spring and fall. These days, wildfires are starting earlier in the spring and lasting later in the fall. As humidity levels fall, leaf canopies dry and fall to the forest floors, and brittle leaves and twigs easily turn into kindling.Warming temperatures have also allowed tree-killing invasive pests like the southern pine beetle and bark beetle to persist through the winter season, adding another fuel type to the fire.In the South, personal property often abuts forest boundaries along the wildland-urban interface. Development along such boundaries makes wildfire and prescribed burning exponentially more complex.Because federal agencies pick up the majority of wildland fire’s costs, few municipalities restrict development along the wildland boundaries. Currently, there are more than 70,000 communities and 46 million homes along the nation’s wildland-urban interface.The elongated fire season and increasing severity of wildfires have led to a ballooning federal fire budget. In 2015, the Forest Service spent more than half its annual budget on fighting wildfire; by 2025, over 67% of the agency’s budget is expected to go toward fire suppression.The allocation of resources towards fighting wildfire means less money for other Forest Service programs, like forest and watershed restoration, prescribed burns, and recreation infrastructure. Since 1998, Forest Service fire staffing has increased by 114% while non-fire staff has decreased by 39%.Fighting Fire with FireFire has positively influenced the Southeast’s landscape for thousands of years. It opens holes in forest canopy for sunlight, thins dominant vegetative species, and makes nutrients available to animals low on the food chain.In the Blue Ridge, oak and pine trees have adapted thick bark and pine cones which open to disperse seeds after fire scorches them. In Florida, the red cockaded woodpecker thrives in the aftermath of fire, nesting in burned out tree cavities. Deer populations across the Southeast thrive after a burn, feasting on the fresh nutrient-rich vegetation that emerges.Today, federal agencies are harnessing fire as a critical land management tool—a way to restore ecosystem health and to prevent catastrophic wildfire.Prescribed fire, or fire ignited to meet management objectives, is one way to utilize fire for good. In addition to habitat restoration, prescribed burning can reduce hazardous fuel loads so accidentally started fires don’t cause catastrophic damage.In Shenandoah and other national parks, for example, the acreage is divided into different fire management zones. In protection areas, near structures and Park boundaries, wildfire will be immediately suppressed. In fire ecosystem areas in the undeveloped interior of the Park, fire managers have an option to let the fire blaze, utilizing its flames for ecological and preventative management objectives.At Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park, ecosystems need fire every five years to maintain full health. If landscapes don’t burn, vegetation builds up, certain species start to dominate, and the threat of severe wildfire increases.Jordan McKnight, Chief of Fire at Big Cypress, plans prescribed burns on a five- to seven-year rotation. McKnight and his crew are essentially mimicking fire’s natural process under more controlled circumstances.Most of the Preserve’s prescribed burning takes place from January to March when the climate is drier and cooler and burning low to moderate intensity fires is possible. The burn program is currently focusing on revitalizing populations of red-cockaded woodpeckers, sparrows, bats, deer, wild turkeys, and panthers.McKnight estimates that managing an acre of prescribed fire at Big Cypress costs about 10 percent of the expense of fighting wildfire on the same tract of land. In 2017, Big Cypress has prescribe burned more than 100,000 acres.“I love the instant gratification of prescribed burning,” says Sam Ashbaugh, lead firefighter for Big Cypress. “It’s just like mowing your lawn; you’re done and within days you see fresh turkey tracks and flowers.”last_img read more

London 2012: Colombian ‘Powerpuff Girls’ look for gold

first_img Colombia is led by Yoreli Rincón, a 19-year-old midfielder who plays for the Brazilian XV Piracicaba team. “My expectations for the Olympic Games are pretty high,” she told reporters. “I’ve already realized part of my dream by being part of the group of 18 women who are the right ones to go. Now, we have to take our all to London, to win. We know we’re in a difficult group, but we’ve prepared ourselves very well to face those battles.” Rincón is expected to shine at the Olympic Games. The midfielder from Santander, along with sisters Natalia and Tatiana Ariza are the team’s nucleus, sports journalist Luz Elida Molina said. “They began together 10 years ago. [Tatiana] was one of the best players at the German World Cup [in 2010], where Colombia finished fourth,” she said. Colombia, which is coached by Ricardo Rozo, is 28th in the FIFA world rankings and will open Olympic play against eighth-ranked North Korea on July 25 in Hamden Park, Scotland. Colombia faces top-ranked United States on July 28 in Hamden Park, Scotland before closing the group stage against sixth-ranked France, on July 31 in St. James Park in Newcastle, England. “It’s a tough schedule because we have three competitors with broad international experience,” Rozo said. “We’ve improved since the last World Cup in terms of experience and international training, [and we gained] an athletic maturity that is fundamental to have at the Olympics.” The coach is confident the team will do well. “The team is very united, very technical, it identifies closely with the country and is clear about its responsibility,” he added. Rincón said the experience she gained in the Brazilian Piracicaba team will be useful when handling the pressure during the Olympics. “What I have gotten most from Brazilian soccer is experience and a way of thinking,” she said. Colombia enters the Olympics after coming off 2-1 losses in exhibitions to Brazil and New Zealand last week. Sports journalist Juan Carlos Pamo has modest expectations for the team in London. “The chances of winning a gold medal are minimal because it’s the first time a women’s national team from Colombia has participated at the Olympics,” he said. “Of course, we need to leave a door open in case they surprise us. The team’s main objective is to qualify for the second round.” By Dialogo July 26, 2012 The team was ousted in pool play at the Under-17 World Cup in New Zealand; The team lost to South Korean in the third-place game at the Under-20 World Cup in Germany in 2010; The team was eliminated in pool play at the 2011 World Cup in Germany. center_img CALI, Colombia – The “Powerpuff Girls” are already in London. That’s the nickname for the Colombian national women’s soccer team that will compete in London, in reference to the popular cartoon. It’s the first time the Colombian women’s national team has qualified for the Olympics, and the team’s trip to London is its reward for persevering through a process that took several years to complete. The 18 women who will compete in London have competed together for four years. The players have already represented the country at three recent championships: last_img read more

Baristas as an extremely important link for enjoying quality coffee and tourism development

first_imgThe problem of the workforce in tourism is increasingly reflected in the lack of quality and educated staff, which is chronically lacking. Baristi Boško Čakarević i Kristijan Tomeković Baristi Boško Čakarević i Kristijan Tomeković pobjednici prvog natjecanja u Osijeku When it comes to the tourism sector, through the HoReCa channel, it is imperative to have a quality offer of wine, craft beer and coffee. While with wine and beer we have a controlled quality of the same, with coffee we directly affect the quality of the same. Also, there is not a question of price but value for money, especially in the segment of higher category hotels. Coffee must always be of the same quality and should not vary.   Danas je pojam cjeloživotnog učenja imperativ u modernom dobu, pogotovo jer su promjene na tržištu sve brže i brže. Zato je i odlična vijest da se glavna nagrada ne odnosi na jednokratnu financijsku pomoć, nego odlazak na Svjetsko natjecanje barista koja je upravo prava prilika za usavršavanje, umrežavanje te praćenje najnovijih trendova i tehnika pravljenja espressa. Upravo ta prilika ima puno veću vrijednost nego financijska nagrada, jer se time stvara komparativna prednost koju poslodavci itekako traže i cijene. Julius Meinl Barista Championship – dolazi u četiri hrvatska grada: Osijek, Zagreb, Rijeku i Split  The role of the barista today is no longer just to prepare and serve drinks. Today, the barista is more and more a person who influences the overall impression of the object, ie the influencer.- Marko Crnogorac, director and member of the Management Board Julius Meinl Bonfanti doo Na ovom natjecanju najveći broj bodova osvojili su baristi Kristijan Tomeković i Boško Čakarević te se tako kvalificirali za veliko finale koje će se održati u Zagrebu krajem rujna. Slijede regionalna natjecanja u Zagrebu, Rijeci i Splitu “Kao zemlja u kojoj je turizam jedna od glavnih gospodarskih grana, smatramo kako izvrsnost u pripremi kave može postati jedan znak prepoznatljivosti naših destinacija i našeg brenda kao turističke destinacije. Prosječan strani posjetitelj je ionako fasciniran količinom objekata, razinom uređenja i popunjenošću na teresama pa i činjenicom da mi u Hrvatskoj doista držimo do ispijanja kave na špici ili rivi; neka bude fasciniran i kvalitetom kave koju mi ovdje pripremamo”  “Krenemo li od činjenice da se sve veći broj naših kupaca susreće s izazovima pri odabiru osoblja, htjeli smo dati baristima jedan dodatni motiv da ulažu u sebe i svoje znanje. Godišnje provedemo više od 500 edukacija koje su bazirane na čistoću opreme, pripremu espressa i termički tretman mlijeka, a htjeli smo napraviti jedan dodatni izazov za bariste, ali i za nas same, i tako se rodila ideja o Julius Meinl Barista Championship natjecanju”  govori Crnogorac. Iz tvrtke Julius Meinl pozivaju sve bariste da se prijave na Julius Meinl Barista Championship i pokažu svoju virtuoznu vještinu. Potrebno je poslati jednominutni video, predstaviti sebe i svoje umijeće i otkriti zašto bi prijavljeni trebao pobijediti na natjecanju za najboljeg hrvatskog baristu. Slijedeća prilika je već 14.6 u Zagrebu u Kaptol Boutique Cinema, Rijeci 5.7 u caffe baru Corto Maltese te u Splitu 30.08 u City Box-u od 16 do 20 h.center_img Precisely the focus of our tourism, especially if we want to extend the season, must be on quality offer and content, and therefore service. On the other hand, the wine sector, and especially coffee and craft beers, and thus educated sommelier as well as baristas, are finally developing and encouraging rapidly over the past few years.   As the first professional roaster in Europe, Julius Meinl has built a unique and very successful coffee culture based on the Viennese tradition and recognized the need to educate and reward the best baristas. Because without quality baristas, there is no quality coffee. That is why the Julius Meinl Barista Championship was launched, which aims to give importance to baristas, and to reward the best. Prvo od četiri regionalna natjecanja održalo se u Osijeku 31. svibnja, gdje je osam barista pokazalo svoja znanja i vještine u pripremi espressa, cappuccina i napitka od kave s potpisom. Baristi se natječu u 3 discipline: pripremi espressa, cappuccina ili latte arta te u spravljanju vlastitog napitka s potpisom. Prema pravilima natjecanja, biraju se dva predstavnika iz svakog grada, koji dolaze na veliko finale u Zagreb krajem rujna, a pobjednik odlazi na Svjetsko natjecanje barista u Melbourne 2020.godine.  But the quality of coffee is affected not only by the quality of the beans, but by many other factors. That is why it is extremely important to have educated baristas, who know the whole story of coffee and know how to prepare it, without each cup being of the same, premium quality.  Obzirom na naš tržišni udio u Hrvatskoj, smatramo se na neki način odgovornima za kvalitetu kave u HoReCa kanalu te vjerujemo da nam je dužnost predano raditi na kvaliteti i na jednom krajnjem rezultatu, a to je da krajnji konzument popije kvalitetnu kavu, govori g. Crnogorac te ističe kako upravo razina kvalitete treba biti jedna od naših prednosti u turizmu. Zajedno s rastom razine gastronomije općenito, iz godine u godinu u Hrvatskoj raste i kvaliteta usluge i razina pripreme napitaka na bazi espressa, ističe g. Marko Crnogorac, direktor i član Uprave Julius Meinl Bonfanti d.o.o te dodaje kako svake godine ulažu fokus i energiju u edukacije osoblja te kako godišnje 10% njihovih partnera prođe njihovu profesionalnu internu edukaciju.  Također, barista danas više nije samo konobar, nego osoba koja ima veliko znanje i koji je u sferi influencera. “Barista danas više nije samo osoba koja priprema napitak, već je to osoba koja raspolaže s rastućom količinom znanja i vještina pa slijedom toga postaje osoba koja utječe na ukupni imidž objekta. Navedeno svrstava bariste u jedno drugačije područje utjecaja nego nekad, mogli bismo reći da trenirani barista postaje svojevrstan ‘influencer’. Julius Meinl želi poticati, promovirati tj.dati dodatni značaj baristima i zato smo i pokrenuli Julius Meinl Barista Championship natjecanje.” zaključuje g. Crnogorac. That is why the education and transformation of waiters into baristas is extremely important, and bartenders are more and more educated on the price, ie in demand in the tourism sector. Osjetilni suci Anton Vujina i Simeon Milković, tehnički sudac Goran Javorac i glavni sudac, Matija Matijaško,  osim tehničkih vještina spravljanja napitaka (priprema espressa, cappuccina ili latte arta te  spravljanja vlastitog napitka s potpisom ), ocjenjivali su i okus, izgled te opći dojam. Baristas can apply on the link: or directly on the mail:  (video + data).last_img read more

Luxury townhouse projects hit the inner 10km ring in Brisbane

first_imgArtist’s Impression of Wattle Grove internal.Mr Boyd said Lennium Group had steadily built its construction footprint in Brisbane over the past few years with a number of residential, commercial and industrial projects from Mango Hill to Redcliffe as well as Banyo, Caboolture and Stradbroke Island.“We’ve recently completed a number of townhouse and apartment projects and we’ve got a really experienced team on site for both projects,” he said.Mr Boyd said there were a number of factors that lead to Vantage Building Group being selected to construct both townhouse projects.“We’ve been impressed with the high quality of their apartment and townhouse projects and they also have a really strong leadership and back office team,” he said. “Like us, they are a Sunshine Coast family owned business, their balance sheet is strong and their prices are competitive. “We are confident that these two projects are the start of a long-term relationship between both parties.” Noosa based Lennium Group has engaged Mooloolaba based construction company Vantage Building Group to construct two residential projects in Brisbane worth $50 million. Pictured is The Outlook at Chermside.CONSTRUCTION is well underway on two luxury townhouse projects in Brisbane’s inner-ring with a Sunshine Coast developer and builder combining forces to infiltrate the city.Noosa based developer Lennium Group has engaged award-winning Mooloolaba based construction company Vantage Building Group to construct their two Brisbane projects worth $50 million. Artist’s Impression of The Outlook internal.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home4 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor4 hours agoMr Boyd said Wattle Grove was already 70 per cent sold following a pre-launch release, with demand for The Outlook also expected to be strong.Construction is well underway on both projects, with completion expected by February 2018.“Mondo Architects have done a great job in creating two high quality projects which we believe will be highly desirable and very liveable to a wide range of residents,” Mr Boyd said. “Both projects will deliver up-market three and four-bedroom townhouses in the $500,000 range which is very competitive considering what is currently available in both Chermside and Cannon Hill.”center_img Wattle Grove in Cannon Hill.Wattle Grove in Cannon Hill will deliver 40 townhouses, while The Outlook at Chermside will deliver 47, all designed by Spring Hill based Mondo Architects. Lennium Group Operations Manager Andrew Boyd said both townhouse projects were strategic sites for the company which had solid residential footprints in both Brisbane and Victoria. “We recently finalised the purchase of the 1.3ha Chermside site off-market for $3.7m, while the 8,331sq m Cannon Hill site was secured for $3.2m in May 2016,” Mr Boyd said.“Both townhouse projects are located in highly sought after suburbs with great access to a wide range of community facilities as well as being within the 10km ring of Brisbane’s CBD so everything is in good proximity.”last_img read more

Experts warn of P&L hit from DB accounting changes

first_imgPensions accounting experts have given a mixed reaction to amendments to international account standards for defined benefit schemes.Changes to the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB) pensions rulebook International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19), Employee Benefits take effect from 1 January 2019 and deal with the accounting consequences of changes to scheme rules that occur part way through a financial year.In a potentially major departure from current practice, companies must in future account for changes to a defined benefit (DB) plan during the financial year rather than sticking with the assumptions the firm fixed at the start of the year.In order to do this, where an amendment, curtailment or settlement of benefits takes place part of the way through the financial year, the sponsor would have to use assumptions to remeasure current service cost and net interest to the year-end. Lane Clark & Peacock partner Tim Marklew warned that the changes would introduce new volatility into company accounts and reduce comparability across similar companies.He said he was “disappointed” with the IASB’s “quite unhelpful guidance on materiality”.“Even if the change is quite small, it could trigger a major knock-on effect on the profit and loss account”Tim Marklew, LCP“The issue here is that the new amendments can mean that, if you adjust your scheme’s benefits, it could trigger a very large knock-on effect for your pension cost for the remainder of the year,” he said. “So even if the change to the scheme is quite small, covering only a very small number of members, it could trigger a major knock-on effect on the profit and loss account.”Hymans Robertson partner Alistair Russell-Smith said he expected the amendment to magnify the accounting impact of transactions such as a benefit change or bulk transfer.He pointed out that recent equity market volatility had caused the combined deficit of FTSE 350-listed company schemes to increase by roughly £10bn (€11bn) “over a matter of days”.“This clearly shows how, with these new regulations, market movements between year-end and the date of curtailment or settlement could materially change the interest cost for a company,” Russell-Smith said.He explained that a company with a 31 December year-end that had a curtailment or settlement event could see an increase of more than 10% in their interest cost for the rest of the year under this change.He added: “Taking a lower-risk-for-longer approach to funding the pension scheme would stabilise the balance sheet and reduce the magnitude of this accounting volatility.”IAS 19 sets out the accounting treatment that listed companies in the European Union must follow when accounting for pension benefits.In a statement, the IASB said that until now “IAS 19 did not specify how to determine these expenses for the period after the change to the plan”.The board argued the change would “provide useful information to users of financial statements”.The IASB published an exposure draft of its changes to IAS 19 in 2015. At the time, reaction from commentators on the board’s plans were mixed.Marklew pointed out that the changes would not apply retrospectively so there was no need to restate figures for this year. “This means that companies don’t need to take any action immediately and can plan ahead on that basis,” he said.last_img read more

Shopping for furniture can be a tough gig, but this store is a treat

first_imgL’Americano Espresso Bar. Photo: SuppliedHeard the news?Coco Republic – the place you can shop for high-end furniture and homewares – is also the perfect place to grab a bite to eat while you decide on the new lounge for your living room.But don’t be fooled into thinking you can grab a snag on a slice of white bread here.I’m talking, dry martinis, a cheeky glass of Veuve Clicquot, or a tame drop of vino.After all, L’Americano is about transporting diners to the Italian Riviera – on Fortitude Valley’s Wickham Terrace. Recently my colleague Elizabeth Tilley and I had a walk through the interiors stores and conveniently stopped to enjoy the Chef’s Tasting Plate ($45), which included a selection of five mini crostinis.It was all absolutely delicious and fulfilling, as were the espresso and dirty martinis ($16 each). One of the many items on the menu at L’Americano.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours agoHaving opened only a year ago, L’Americano Espresso Bar venue manager Jean-Remy Didier said Brisbane shoppers have loved the fact they can come in and browse the showrooms of Max Sparrow and Coco Republic and then pop into L’Americano situated in the middle of both for brunch or just a coffee.“It all makes for a beautiful and convenient shopping experience,” Mr Didier said.“It is very on trend for high-profile retailers around the world to offer a hospitality outlet into fashion or interiors stores, making the overall shopping experience so much more enjoyable and easy for their customers.”L’Americano has been designed to reflect Coco Republic’s Anthony Spon-Smith’s love of the Italian Riviera and the California coast. The interior was inspired by the popular movie, The Talented Mr Ripley, so customers can feel like they are on holiday on the Italian Riviera in the heart of Brisbane. With a seasonal menu offered, diners can indulge in the new winter menu.Currently the most popular item is the prosciutto and avocado toast with two poached eggs, and the L’Americano signature salad is also a winner.center_img Reshni Ratnam and Elizabeth Tilley at L’Americano. Photo: Suppliedlast_img read more

FIVE WAYS Fathers Matter

first_img5/ More programs for parents have begun to recognize fathers’ value.Although there are many community-based programs that focus on supporting moms, practitioners have realized fathers’ needs and their importance.Many programs directly serve fathers themselves and incorporate lessons on parenting, co-parenting, and healthy relationships. Others help with professional skill-building and job searching, and have been shown to improve fathers’ employment rates. The federal government recently funded nearly 50 organizations across the United States to provide these types of so-called Responsible Fatherhood activities, emphasizing the importance of improving and supporting fathers’ relationships with their children. up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox. 2/ Fathers today are increasingly involved in their children’s lives, especially compared to earlier generations.Fatherhood and fathering is central to many men’s lives, though these experiences are increasingly diverse. Today’s U.S. fathers take care of their children more than most fathers did a generation ago. Father-child interactions range from soothing infants and toddlers to participating in activities that stimulate their children’s development, such as reading and telling stories and helping with homework. They also provide emotional support and guidance to their adolescents. Child Trends 15 June 2016Family First Comment: If you’re a dad, take a moment to read this – and be encouraged about your value! :)Research shows that fathers’ positive engagement can improve child well-being whether they live full-time with their children or not. Fatherhood is a complex and evolving concept, but there are some things we know for sure about its value for kids:1/ Fathers make important contributions to their kids’ development – and do so in ways that are different from mothers’ contributions.Fathers are more likely to use advanced language around young kids, which promotes vocabulary development. Fathers also tend to prioritize rough-and-tumble play, letting kids explore, and playing more than caretaking, which establish independence and positive social skills. Positive father engagement has been linked to better outcomes on measures of child well-being, such as cognitive development, educational achievement, self-esteem, and pro-social behavior.center_img 3/ Most fathers who do not live with children help provide for them financially.The popular notion of the “deadbeat dad” suggests that dads who do not live with their children try to avoid paying for them. However, in 2013, 74 percent of eligible mothers received either full or partial child support payments. Fathers often provide this support while navigating various obstacles, such as a lack of stable employment or housing, payments for children in multiple households, or struggles after incarceration.This money is a safety net for many families. Children who live with one parent are about twice as likely to live in poverty (28.8 percent) than the general population (14.5 percent). Child support payments lifted approximately one million people out of poverty in 2012. Fathers also provide other types of financial support that benefit child well-being: about half (51 percent) of noncustodial parents (the vast majority of whom are fathers) provide their children’s health insurance, and 60 percent of fathers provide some type of non-cash support, such as gifts, clothes, food, medical expenses, or child care.4/ Even fathers who don’t live with their children can be involved parents.Resident fathers are more involved in their children’s lives now than ever before, but when fathers don’t live with their kids, their level of involvement varies greatly. This is partly because parents’ co-parenting relationship—how well they work together to raise their child—often declines when they break up. Cooperation as co-parents is a strong predictor of a father’s involvement—as strong as his earlier parenting behaviors. To keep nonresident fathers connected to their children, it’s important to foster a cooperative co-parenting relationship with their child’s other caregiver, who may limit the father’s access to their joint children.last_img read more

Lime Basketball League Finals Begin Tonight.

first_img 29 Views   no discussions NewsSports Lime Basketball League Finals Begin Tonight. by: – September 14, 2011 Share Share Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Share If the good weather continues all day the Lime National Basketball Finals will begin tonight after a week delay due to bad weather at the Massacre Hard Courts with two games.In the Domlec Premier Division there will be new champions as the defending champions Signman X-Men was knockout in the semi-finals sending new team No Look to clash with 2009 champions Gatorade Blazers in the finals. The games and series are expected to be a closely contested affair with both teams feeling confident after easily beating their opponents in the semi-finals. The game is expected to start at 9.00 pmAlso starting is the Kubuli Division 1 championship at 7.00 pm with the returning champs Wesley Raptors coming up against the undefeated Goodwill Starz. The DABA expects this series to be highly entertaining and exciting as both teams have much at stake. Wesley Raptors has the community sporting reputation and goodwill to defend and Starz has to prove that they can overcome the negative news relating to the team and show that they are better team.In addition the DABA received the results of the Level 2 coaching clinic organized last month. Ten registered coaches were successful at the written and practical exams. The top performer was Brian Longin coach of the Grand Fond team having the best result, followed by Garth Joseph, Gary Benjamin,Derek Alexander, Mickey Joseph. The other five coaches Bob Christmas, Edgar Robinson,Perry Payne,Shannon Vidal and Kevin Sylvester were all successful. The DABA will now have the responsibility of recognizing these persons as Level 2 Coaches under the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) coaching program. It is also expected by FIBA that a coaching association will be organize.The basketball finals will continue on Friday at Lindo Park Hard Courts.By: Mickey JosephDominica Amateur Basketball Associationlast_img read more