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$50 million released for ‘Vermonter’ high-speed rail project

first_imgSenators Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) today welcomed the release of $50 million in federal stimulus funds for the ‘Vermonter’ rail line from St. Albans to Vernon, Vt.The high-speed rail project will be the second in the nation to break ground using funds that Congress approved in last year’s economic recovery act. (Maine’s ‘Downeaster’ line was first.)The grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration using economic stimulus money set aside for the High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail program.The upgrades to this 190-mile stretch of track will allow trains to travel up to 59 mph ‘ and even 79 mph in some sections ‘ cutting valuable time off the route between St. Albans and Washington, D.C. The improvements could cut an hour off of the trip through Vermont and Massachusetts.Leahy said, ‘This is the biggest single investment in passenger rail improvements we have had in Vermont since Amtrak was created. We have long sought these improvements, which are just the ticket for a shorter and smoother ride on the Vermonter. I’m proud that Vermont is now moving forward with the largest single rail improvement project in the entire nation. This is a solid investment in our future and a vote of confidence in passenger rail service in Vermont.’Sanders said, “In the near future, this investment will create much-needed employment for Vermont workers. In the long term, it will strengthen our economy as we improve Vermont’s transportation infrastructure for both cargo and passengers.’ Sanders recently raised concerns with the Federal Railroad Administration over delays in releasing the funds. He said he was pleased by the speedy response.Welch said, “With the release of these funds, the Recovery Act is putting Vermonters to work and laying the groundwork for the future of Vermont’s transportation infrastructure. The speed with which this project is moving forward is a testament to Vermonters’ support for the many benefits of high-speed rail: commuting convenience, business development and environmentally friendly travel. Once again, the Recovery Act is reimagining and revitalizing Vermont’s infrastructure.”This project will install continuously welded rail and other track improvements, new crossties, and grade crossing safety improvements on track owned by the New England Central Railroad, which is contributing $20 million to the project. The improvements will also set the stage for more frequent service along this corridor and for extending the ‘Vermonter’ service to Montreal, Quebec.The Vermont congressional delegation also has written a letter of support for federal funding for a rail corridor project in western Vermont. The state has sought a $60- million federal grant for a rail line from Bennington to Burlington.  Source: Congressional delegation. 9.29.2010last_img read more

#VanLife FAQ, Your Biggest Questions Answered

first_imgAfter attending (and hosting!) multiple #vanlife rallies, getting stopped at gas stations by curious nomads, and giving hundreds of tours of our build-out, we’ve heard the same few questions over and over again. Here is an attempt at answering those stand-out questions that everyone has about living in a van. If you have a burning question we haven’t answered below, please feel free to post it!Where do you poop?Well, welcome to question NUMBER 1 (pun intended). This is our most asked question above all and is asked in any number of ways. “Where do you poop,” is the most straightforward form of the question, it’s what everyone is trying to ask politely when they say “Where do you go to the bathroom?” We don’t have a toilet in our van, and we are often in the middle of nowhere. Enter shovel, and a walk in the woods. Neither of us mind, in fact, it’s preferred to porta-potties and public restrooms. Though usually, we are around places with restrooms– trailheads, gas stations, coffee shops. Where do YOU poop when you’re on a road trip? It’s the same places as us!Do you sleep in the van every night?I’d go with an 85% sleep rate in the van. When we are around the Denver area, we stay with my (Roxy) sister and brother in law. They have helped us in so many tight spots, and Barry helped with the build out. We’re so grateful! We have plenty of other friends and family that we stay with along the way, but for the majority, we are sleeping in the van. We made sure to put a really nice mattress and bedding in there, and it totally makes a difference. If you want to learn about the hours of research I did to find the right one, send a comment on over.Follow up: Which direction do you sleep in the van?We sleep long ways. I (Roxy) would prefer we sleep from side to side, but Ben is too tall for it to work and for him to sleep comfortably. We would have farrrrrr more room switching the bed that way, but we decided to trade space for comfort. We have an RV queen-sized mattress (a few inches shorter, but the same width as a queen) in the bed, which allows for a foot of storage space along the wall. That’s where we keep towels, blankets, Henry’s food, and some dry goods.Do you get sick of each other? Are you dating?Yes, and yes. Living within arms reach of someone can cause a lot of small problems. But there’s a sort of magical thing that happens in a van. When something goes wrong, you are the only two that can solve it. It’s forced partnership, whether we like it or not. So we end up being a team more than enemies, and that spreads out into the rest of our endeavors as well. We just had our three year anniversary, one and a half years of normal dating, one and a half years of living-in-a-van dating. Soon we will have lived in a van more than a house together!Do you have solar power?Timbr Basecamps helped us with our power system, and set it up so we can add solar panels easily whenever we would like to. We don’t currently have solar because we are carrying boats on the roof! We plan to add solar as soon as possible in the winter time.Do you have any regrets with your build out?We love our build out! Every time I open the door, I’m pleased with the way the wood looks, how the floor has withstood a beating, and how our bed is so comfortable. The one thing I would change is to trade out storage space for living space. We built the van with our tour in mind, and we have enough storage for it! If we had a place where we could pull out a table and chairs for eating IN the van, that would make it the perfect van. Currently, we have a great outside set up, so problems are solved for the summer. Once we move into the winter months we’re going to find another solution. Don’t worry– already in the process!Where do you shower?Who needs to shower? Just kidding, we shower, actually regularly. We use a Nemo pressure shower, a wooden matt, and a Tarpestry hung up between the back two doors of our van, to create a private shower area. More often than not, it’s cold. We set the Nemo out in the mornings to warm by the sunlight, but if you don’t bring it in at the exact right time, the water will cool down with the air. We also had spill catastrophes, water being blocked, feeling uncomfortable showering with other people around camping. So, it isn’t easy, or as satisfying as a hot shower with great pressure, but it gets the job done, and you can go to bed without dirt covered legs. The real question people should be asking is, “How do you wash your hair?” We don’t. We wash it when we are visiting with friends and steal a shower at their house. Hats and more hats!Do you have internet?Yes, Summit Publishing provides us with a hotspot to work with. It’s through AT&T, who gets pretty solid service on the East Coast. Once we switch territories to Colorado, Verizon is king. If AT&T has service, we have internet. Usually, we are at a campsite in the middle of nowhere and we read, watch downloaded movies, or do work we can complete offline.How does your dog like #vanlife?We wrote an article about living vanlife with a pup. Check it out, and send any more questions you have!What do you do for laundry?Friends houses and laundromats! We have enough clothing to last us for two weeks without needing to wash anything. Usually, in that time we go through a friends house or find a laundromat. Often, we wear the same outfits for multiple days at a time until they are un-wearable. We also have a set up with NiteIze CamJam XT that allows us to hang a bunch of clothing in the van to dry. This is super useful in the Colorado territories when clothes dry within hours. On the East Coast, we have more issues with it.If you have any other questions, send them our way! We are happy to share.There is one way for this tour to be a reality, our sponsors! Sending a thank you shout out to our title sponsor Nite Ize, and all of our other awesome sponsors that make this happen: Crazy Creek, National Geographic, Sea to Summit, Mountain House, Lowe Alpine, Old Town, Leki, HydraPak, UCO Gear and Wenzel. If you like the gear that keeps us groovin’ click here to enter for a chance to winlast_img read more

Guatemala: Police seize 405 kilos of cocaine, detain 12 people

first_img GUATEMALA CITY – Antinarcotics agents of Guatemala’s National Civil Police (PNC) detained seven Guatemalans and five Ecuadorans early Aug. 19 who allegedly tried to smuggle into the country 405 kilos (893 pounds) of cocaine, according to authorities. The 12 who were detained were carrying 16 suitcases containing the narcotics, after their private plane landed from Ecuador in the private flight area of La Aurora airport, located south of Guatemala City, according to the Ministry of the Interior. “These raids are part of the joint actions we are carrying to end organized crime’s operations,” said Minister of the Interior Mauricio López Bonilla. The narcotics had a market value of about US$5 million. According to authorities, the detained Ecuadorans were identified as Wladimir Rosero, María Granizo, Luis Nachimba, Eunice Cerón and José Robalino. The Guatemalans were identified as Mynor Daniel González Vásquez, Allan Alberto Vásquez Sumix, Abner Alexander Salazar Girón, Gustavo Córdova Vásquez, Juan Carlos Sazo, Edwin Pérez López and Claudia Patricia Girón González. So far this year antinarcotics agents have seized 1,223 kilos (2,696 pounds) of cocaine in several operations nationwide, authorities said. [AFP (Guatemala), 20/08/2012; Siglo 21 (Guatemala); 20/08/2012] By Dialogo August 20, 2012last_img read more

The island of Pag on the list of hidden European tourist destinations

first_img3. Province of Salzkammergut, Austria11. Kaszuby, Poland 6. Lednice-Valtice, Czech Republic14. Danube Delta, Romania The island of Pag is on the list of the most special destinations created to inspire travel enthusiasts to choose their next destination. This is the guide “Top Hidden Treasures” presented by Mastercard, and the island of Pag took 7th place among 44 destinations in as many European countries.Ladder Top Hidden Treasures it was created with data from Mastercard and the recommendations of more than 20 travel bloggers and tourism experts from various European countries. Destinations are ranked according to beauty, “indistinguishability” on a European scale, activities they offer, adaptation to different age groups, cost of living and convenience, which means ease of communication, local transport options, security, tourist infrastructure, quality of service and payment options. With high points in all these categories, 7th place Pag, otherwise the 5th largest Adriatic island, certainly contributed specialties such as lace, cheese, lamb, salt and olive oil, but also a rich nightlife and a developed festival scene. The island of Pag is also included among the destinations of the Priceless Croatia program, so Mastercard card users have the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of electronic music and the VIP experience at the three-day festival of the floating NOA Beach Club at the Circus Maximus festival.At the top of the list is Asturias – a province in northern Spain adorned with sights such as the monastery of Covadonga. It is a truly beautiful gem that is not yet flooded with tourists and that offers reasonable prices. In second place is the medieval town of Zebugg in Malta, while in third place is the Austrian province of Salzkammergut with Lake Hallstatt. “Based on Mastercard’s data on where people spend, a unique list of proposals has been compiled that allows a comparison of different destinations in terms of attractiveness, benefits and costs.Said Adam Blake, head of the International Center for Tourism Research at the University of Bournemouth. “Their data, together with information from local sources, make this guide very informative, even for experienced travelers.” Croats travel the most, most often to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria and ItalyA study among consumers conducted by Mastercard in 2016 in 13 European countries revealed that Croatians travel as much as 10,8 times a year for leisure within the country. For comparison, Bulgarians do it 12,3 times, and residents of all other countries less; for example, the British 4,5 times. Respondents from Croatia travel to the Eurozone for leisure a record 2,8 times a year, where they are equal to the Swedes, and surpass the inhabitants of all other countries. It is the same in the category of travel outside the Eurozone – Croats do it 1,7 times a year, followed by the Swedes with 1,5 trips a year. On average, most Europeans like to travel short distances in their own or neighboring countries and travel 1,5 times a year for leisure.When it comes to foreign destinations they visit, respondents from Croatia most often travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina (18%), Austria (16%), Slovenia (14%), Italy (13%). When it comes to Croatia as a destination, it is most often chosen by Hungarians (8% of respondents from Hungary last traveled to Croatia for leisure), Poles (7% of respondents) and Italians (4% of respondents).The cards are the companions of modern travelersA 2016 European study also found that 55% of respondents use their card to pay for flight, accommodation and other expenses before the trip, while 45% use the card during the trip. During travel, Europeans spend the most on hotels, buying clothes and in restaurants, and the cards are most often used in grocery stores, restaurants, bars or for transport. Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Estonia are the countries where visitors pay the most with cards. In addition, the results showed that cardholders in Europe in 2016 increased their spending abroad by 12% compared to 2015.When it comes to travel-related spending, respondents from Croatia use 36% of travel funds before travel and 64% on the road, while Germans, for example, set aside 54% for travel expenses before arriving at their destination and 46% at their destination. When it comes to the method of payment, 51% of the amount spent before the trip is paid by Croats by card and 26% in cash, while on the trip 41% of the amount is paid by card and 47% in cash. On the trip, they spend the most on restaurants and nightlife, but also on tolls and fuel. “An increasing number of people around the world are embracing the benefits of cashless travel, whether it is a business or tourist trip. At Mastercard, we want to help everyone who travels make the most of their travels – before, during and after the trip. That is why we provide them with reliable, innovative and simple payment solutions. The ‘Top Hidden Treasures’ guide is designed to help travelers plan new, exciting trips to destinations that are really worth visiting.”, Said Javier Perez, President for Europe at Mastercard. 2. Mdina and Zebbug, Malta10. Velika Planina, Slovenia 1. Asturias and Covadonga Monastery, Spain9. Volos and the Pelion region, Greece 4. Azores, Portugal12. Naarden, The Netherlands 5. Perast, Montenegro13. Cape Kolka, Latvia Top 15 Hidden Treasures Destinations 8. Saaremaa Island, Estonia 7. Island of Pag, Croatia15. Balaton, Hungarylast_img read more

Gov. Wolf: Last PA County will Move to Green on July 3

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Gov. Wolf: Last PA County will Move to Green on July 3 June 26, 2020center_img Press Release,  Public Health Governor Tom Wolf announced today that Lebanon County is slated to move to the green phase of reopening on July 3, putting all 67 counties in green. Twelve counties moved to green today, joining 54 already in the least restrictive phase of reopening.“We will soon have all of our counties in green,” Gov. Wolf said. “A milestone worth a cautious celebration of the hard work and collaborative spirit of Pennsylvanians. But we must remember that the restrictions that remain in the green phase will help us continue to enjoy the freedoms this phase allows for.”Green phase restrictions include:Work and Congregate Settings RestrictionsContinued Telework Strongly EncouragedBusinesses with In-Person Operations Must Follow Updated Business and Building Safety RequirementsAll Businesses Operating at 50% Occupancy in the Yellow Phase May Increase to 75% OccupancyChild Care May Open Complying with GuidanceCongregate Care Restrictions in PlacePrison and Hospital Restrictions Determined by Individual FacilitiesSchools Subject to CDC and Commonwealth GuidanceSocial RestrictionsLarge Gatherings of More Than 250 ProhibitedMasks Are Required in BusinessesRestaurants and Bars Open at 50% OccupancyPersonal Care Services (including hair salons and barbershops) Open at 50% Occupancy and by Appointment OnlyIndoor Recreation, Health and Wellness Facilities, and Personal Care Services (such as gyms and spas) Open at 50% Occupancy with Appointments Strongly EncouragedAll Entertainment (such as casinos, theaters, and shopping malls) Open at 50% OccupancyConstruction Activity May Return to Full Capacity with Continued Implementation of ProtocolsThe data dashboard of county cases and criteria for reopening consideration can be found here.Gov. Wolf’s Process to Reopen Pennsylvania outlines remaining restrictions for counties in yellow or green. Effective today, there are 66 counties in green and one in yellow. Philadelphia County is in green beginning today based on the state’s metrics; however, local officials will maintain some additional restrictions until July 3.As counties reopen, Pennsylvania continues to see a steady decline in cases, a positive indicator that its phased, measured reopening plan is working to balance public health with economic recovery.The CDC’s analysis of proprietary state case data puts Pennsylvania among states with a 42-day steady decline in cases. Pennsylvania has maintained this distinction for three weeks to date.Research indicates that mask-wearing is a vital strategy to help stop the spread of the virus, especially as we plan for a possible surge in the fall. Gov. Wolf continues to remind Pennsylvanians of the mask-wearing requirement and was joined yesterday by business owners endorsing this measure to protect customers, employees and communities.The state continues to use risk-based metrics from Carnegie Mellon University and the Department of Health and Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency data dashboard available here.The state is increasing testing and contact-tracing efforts. The Department of Health received a total of 106,076 test results in the past seven days, an average of 15,154 a day. The 30-day average of test results received is more than 13,000.There were 3,524 COVID-19 total cases added to investigations for the week of June 19 through 25. There are currently 521 contact tracers with the Department of Health.The latest business guidance, including outdoor recreation guidance.Preliminary sports guidance.Ver esta página en español.last_img read more

UK: Marine industry calls for ‘right support’ post Swansea ruling

first_img“These sectors in Scotland are at the forefront of marine energy innovation, with a number of significant achievements over the past 12 months, helping drive the cost reductions which will assist them to fully commercialize.“Wave and tidal developments have a vital role to play in boosting rural economies and contributing to both our energy ambitions and Industrial Strategy.“However, all of this is at risk with the lack of a clear and viable route to market for tidal and wave technologies in the UK.“We would strongly encourage both the Scottish and UK Governments to continue working with industry in order to determine the best way for our wave and tidal sectors to reach their full potential.”UK government should seize its tidal energy opportunitySwansea Bay tidal lagoon (Image: Tidal Lagoon Power) The representative organizations for the UK marine energy sector, as well as their European counterpart Ocean Energy Europe, have expressed their disappointment on the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon rejection and called the UK government to chart clear and viable route to market for tidal and wave industries in the country.Trade body for offshore wind, tidal and wave – RenewableUK – has expressed disappointment at the government’s decision not to proceed with the 320MW tidal lagoon project in Swansea Bay.RenewableUK’s Chief Executive Hugh McNeal said: “This decision is deeply disappointing and shows a lack of vision. Tidal lagoons have massive potential to meet our national energy needs and create jobs, as well as bringing industrial-scale economic benefits to the UK – including opportunities to export worldwide. The review commissioned by the Government on this innovative technology found that it can deliver secure power at a price that’s competitive in the long term.“The UK’s future energy mix will be powered by a range of low carbon technologies. We know that with the right support, tidal energy can quickly become competitive on cost with other renewable and low carbon power like nuclear.”The Director of RenewableUK Cymru – the Welsh branch of the parent organization – David Clubb, said: “This means that the region will not benefit from many thousands of jobs from the project and the associated supply chain. The loss in skills, supply chain and economic activity to Swansea, the region, to Wales and to the UK is colossal.“It means that the pathfinder project, described as being a ‘no-regrets’ decision by an independent review, which could have led to a whole series of projects across Wales with benefits UK-wide, will have to seek another mechanism of financial support, or will not go ahead.”Marine energy sector needs clarity from the UK governmentThe Welsh marine body – Marine Energy Wales – said the decision would undoubtedly stall progress on the Swansea Bay project, and the the wider marine energy sector needs clarity from UK government.David Jones, Project Director at Marine Energy Wales said: “Along with the other devolved nations Wales views tidal range, stream, and wave as maritime economies where we can build world leading industries and export into growing global markets. Marine energy will follow the cost reduction seen in offshore wind, with companies and communities benefitting from a new blue economy.“With Brexit on the horizon it is more important than ever that the UK Government realizes and responds to the regions that have prioritized these low carbon emerging markets.”Responding to the decision from Scotland, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, Hannah Smith, said: “While this project will not go ahead, it’s crucial to remember that the UK maintains a world lead in developing wave and tidal energy.Some of marine energy technologies that ‘took a dip’ at EMEC, off Orkney, Scotland (Photo: EMEC) Ocean Energy Europe regrets the UK government’s decision not to include tidal lagoons in its energy mix, the organization said.Without revenue support, the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will simply not go ahead and the UK will lose out on the many benefits it can bring – jobs, growth, industrial leadership and more, the organization has said.Despite this decision, the industry is awaiting clarity from the UK government on whether other emerging renewable technologies such as tidal stream and wave energy are to be developed in the UK.To secure its global advantage in those technologies, and create a route to market, visibility on prices and volumes ‘at home’ is badly needed, said Ocean Energy Europe.Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe said: “The benefits of tidal lagoons were well recognized, the cost of support comparatively cheap, and the long-term perspective very promising. Today’s decision is therefore regrettable.“The UK government should now make sure it doesn’t miss out on other emerging technologies such as tidal stream or wave energy. The UK is the global leader in tidal stream, and the world’s most advanced projects are generating electricity in UK waters today.“To push those towards commercialization, an “Innovation PPA” scheme for the early demonstration phase, as well as a ring-fenced CfD for more advanced projects, should be put in place. Revenue support is the only way for the UK to transform technology leadership into market dominance and build a new manufacturing industry, based in Britain.”The issue here is specifically with the tidal lagoon application, not the concept of marine energy itself, says Welsh Secretary of StateWelsh Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns, said the consumer and industry would have been paying disproportionately high prices for electricity in the case of a positive decision for the project – all at the same time when cheaper alternatives are available.Cairns said: “I realise the disappointment this decision may cause, but ultimately this project did not meet the threshold for taxpayer value.“I was an early and consistent supporter of the scheme – and took it to Number 10 – but after months of hard work by officials – the conclusion when taking a responsible approach to taxpayers money – is it just did not stack up.“It’s important to stress that the issue here is specifically with the tidal lagoon application, not the concept of marine energy itself. The Office of the Secretary of State for Wales and wider Government is committed to renewable energy and we will remain open to different sources of that. However, the priority always has to be that renewable energy represents good value for the Welsh consumer.”Greg Clark, the UK energy secretary, said the government still believes in renewable energy and in the benefits of innovation, without making any comments regarding the support for the wider marine energy sector in the UK.Making the announcement that the UK government will not back the project, Clark said:“The inescapable conclusion of an extensive analysis is that however novel and appealing the proposal that has been made is, even with these factors taken into account, the costs that would be incurred by consumers and taxpayers would be so much higher than alternative sources of low carbon power, that it would be irresponsible to enter into a contract with the provider.“Securing our energy needs into the future has to be done seriously and, when much cheaper alternatives exist, no individual project, and no particular technology, can proceed at any price. That is true for all technologies.“The fact that this proposal has not demonstrated that it could be value for money does not mean that its potential is not recognized.“My department is also in receipt of proposals from other promoters of tidal energy schemes which are said to have lower costs than the Swansea proposal, although these are an earlier stage of development.“Any proposals must be able credibly to demonstrate value for money for consumers and public funds.”center_img Artist’s impression – Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon (Image: Tidal Lagoon Power)last_img read more

Rosie C. Volz

first_imgRosie Christian Volz, 105 of Milan passed away at her home on Sunday January 1, 2017.  Rosie was born May 16, 1911 in Dearborn County to George and Annie Hauntz.  She married Edmund Volz May 15, 1943 and he preceded her in death October 22, 1987.  Rosie was a homemaker and farmers wife.  She was a member of the St. Charles Catholic Church at Milan.  She enjoyed baking, gardening, sewing, and loved her church and family.Rosie is survived by sons George (Judy) Volz and Henry Volz both of Milan, and grandchild Brooke (Mark) Wuest and great grandchildren Devin and Dalton Wuest.    She was preceded in death by her parents, husband and 2 brothers.Funeral Mass will be said at 11AM on Thursday January 5, 2017 at St. Charles Catholic Church 201 W. Ripley Street, Milan 47031 with Father Frank Eckstein officiating.  Burial will follow in St. Charles Cemetery at Milan.  Visitation will also be Thursday 10-11AM at the church. Memorials may be made to St. Charles Church or St. Judes Childrens Hospital.   Go to to leave an online condolence message for the family.  Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home, Milan entrusted with arrangements.  (812)654-2141. Box 243, Milan, In. 47031last_img read more

Mr. William S. “Bill” Hendricks

first_imgMr. William S. “Bill” Hendricks, age 90, of Vevay, Indiana, entered this life on October 14, 1929 in Middletown, Indiana. He was the loving son of the late Ivan and Bessie (Bassiker) Hendricks. Bill was a 1947 graduate of Houston High School in Houston, Missouri. Bill was united in marriage on September 22, 1950 in Knightstown, Indiana to the late Wanda F. Fausset. This happy union was blessed with a daughter, Brenda and a son, Bruce. Bill and Wanda shared nearly 53 years of marriage together until she passed away on August 5, 2003. Bill was employed as a foreman for General Motors in Anderson, Indiana, retiring in 1982 after 30 years and four months of service. Bill resided in Middletown, Indiana and later moved to the Vevay community in 2013 where he resided until his death. Bill was a member of the Spring Branch Baptist Church in Vevay, Indiana. Bill enjoyed fishing and deer hunting and will be deeply missed by his family. Bill passed away at 12:57 p.m., Friday, August 7, 2020, at the King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison, Indiana.Bill will be lovingly remembered by his daughter, Brenda Wattenbarger and her husband, Herman of Vevay, IN; his son, Bruce Hendricks and his wife, Teresa of Anderson, IN; his grandchildren, David Wattenbarger, Kyle Wattenbarger, Amber Green, Matthew Hendricks, Thomas Hendricks, Taylor Hendricks, Justin Troub, Ryan Troub and Destinee Troub and his several great-grandchildren.He was preceded in death by his parents, Ivan and Bessie (Bassiker) Hendricks; his wife, Wanda F. (Fausset) Hendricks; his sons, Gary and Robert Hendricks; his brother, Louis Farrell Hendricks and his sister, Mildred Roderick.Due to COVID-19, masks are required along with social distancing. Graveside Services will be conducted Wednesday, August 12, 2020, at 11:00 a.m., at the Gravel Lawn Cemetery, 9088 West County Road 1025 South, Fortville, Indiana 46040.Memorial contributions may be made to the Charity of the Donor’s Choice. Cards are available at the funeral home or online at www.haskellandmorrison.comlast_img read more

Tokyo 2020 qualifier: Sudan stun Olympic Eagles

first_imgRelatedPosts Nigeria’s No. 2 badminton player sets sight on Olympics Abia Warriors appoint new head coach If we don’t have Tokyo Games, we’re unlikely to have Beijing 2022 — IOC member Nigeria’s Olympics team, otherwise known as the national Under 23 team, narrowly lost 0-1 to their Sudanese counterparts in Omdurman on Thursday. Nigeria enjoyed better possession in the early minutes of the first half, but they failed to take their chances. The Nigerian side caved in shortly before the first half break. The Imama Amapakabo lads will aim to upturn the scoreline at the Stephen Keshi Stadium, Asaba, Delta State on Tuesday when they host the Sudanese in the second leg of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifier.Tags: Imama AmapakaboolympicsStephen Keshi Stadiumlast_img

Kenwright to speak to Martinez

first_img Martinez has been courted by Aston Villa and Liverpool in each of the past two summers but remained at the DW Stadium, where he took charge in 2009. His stock has risen again this year following Latics’ stunning success in the FA Cup but he has opted to leave the club after failing to avoid relegation from the Premier League. Everton are looking for a new manager for the first time in 11 years following Moyes’ decision to move to Manchester United. Kenwright feels he has the support of the majority of fans as he leads the recruitment process. He said: “The most gratifying thing is 90 per cent have said, ‘You didn’t let us down last time, go with your gut instinct and hopefully you’ll get it right again’. “All I can say is there is no way that I or anyone can say, ‘We’ll get it right, we’ll get the right man’, but I certainly will put everything into getting it right and getting the right DNA for Everton Football Club.” Martinez first came to English football when he joined Wigan as a player in 1995. He later played for Motherwell, Walsall, Swansea and Chester before beginning his management career back at Swansea. His successes at Wigan principally involved keeping the club in the top flight against the odds until this year’s victorious cup run, which included a quarter-final defeat of the Toffees. Everton chairman Bill Kenwright intends to speak to Wigan boss Roberto Martinez in the “next 48 hours” over the managerial vacancy at Goodison Park. Martinez is the firm favourite to succeed David Moyes after Wigan confirmed they had granted the Merseysiders permission to speak to the Spaniard. Yet Kenwright insists the 39-year-old is not the only candidate and other options will be explored. Cardiff’s Malky Mackay and Porto coach Vitor Pereira have also been linked with the position while there are also internal candidates in David Weir, Phil Neville, Duncan Ferguson and Alan Stubbs. Kenwright told Sky Sports News: “I will meet Roberto in the next 48 hours. He is on the list, as I have always said.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more