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More beds required in Aussie cities

first_imgThe cancellation of flights caused by last week’s ash clouds has highlighted the need for more accommodation rooms in major cities across Australia, according to Accommodation Association of Australia (AAA) chief executive Lorraine Duffy. Beds in major Australian cities were stretched last week The AAA boss warned however, that any increase in room supply should not compromise the already stretched margins of existing operators.”As far as room rates are concerned, Australians have become accustomed to expecting discounted tourism accommodation,” Ms Duffy said, adding that the unavailability of rooms last week had meant discounted rooms had already been snapped up.”But many accommodation businesses have suffered as a result of the flight disruptions – conference business and regional leisure tourism have been hit hard yet again.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H “The shortage of accommodation in major Australian cities where flights were cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud further highlights the importance of achieving Tourism Australia’s goal of at least 40,000 new accommodation rooms by 2020,” Ms Duffy said in a statement.last_img read more

Beanie Wells does not want you to worry The runn

first_imgBeanie Wells does not want you to worry.The running back missed practice Thursday due to a hamstring problem, prompting fans to worry about his availability for Sunday’s big game in Seattle. Thursday on the Big Red Rage, Wells said there is nothing to worry about.“I just needed a little bit of rest,” he told host Paul Calvisi. “It’s nothing major at all.”Wells is off to a great start this season, picking up 183 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the team’s first two games, but has a history of injury troubles so the latest news was a bit concerning. Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation However, if he says he’s good to go then we should probably believe him, though there will probably be some worry every time he’s a little slow to get up after a run. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories center_img Comments   Share   D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

The plastic free beauty product you need

first_imgConsider the amount of packaging you discard every day. Plastic is in all of it, from the sandwich wrapper to the crisp packet, from the disposable diaper to the shampoo bottle. Yes, the shampoo bottle… There’s a major global thrust at the moment to ditch plastic bottling of shampoo: roughly half a billion empty bottles wind up in landfills annually, and that doesn’t account for those which end their days littering the seas and shores. Well-known British cosmetics brand Lush seems to have been the driving force behind the trend; their package-less, chemical-free shampoo bars (which purportedly last three times longer than your average bottle of the stuff) utilise essential oils and fresh ingredients for a wash that really gets to the root of the problem. Which would be very valuable here in Cyprus (hot, sticky summers = more hair washing) if only Lush were available on the island.Luckily, they’re not the only brand to clock the value of long-lasting, package-free shampoo. At least two local companies have begun making their own versions, promising they’re just as good, equally ecologically-friendly, and cheaper to boot! So we thought we’d give both types a try to see how they fare in the punishing heat (and endless swims) of a Cyprus summer.VegeBar Peppermint EucalyptusWe began with Vegenero, a Limassol-based e-commerce eco-company which sells all over the world. Founded and run by Maria Roussou, the name is an amalgam of vegan and eros, and the tagline is ‘Good for you – good for our planet and good for our Island in Cyprus’. With products that are 100 per cent natural and homemade from quality vegan ingredients sourced in the main from the island itself, the entire line is chemical and toxin-free. And that includes their shampoo bars which, says Maria, are actually multi-use.“Our shampoo bars can also be used as a soap, and come in a variety of scents,” Maria explains. “At the moment we’ve got coffee, charcoal, and lavender bars, and I’m in the process of creating a peppermint and eucalyptus version. All are highly effective,” she continues, “you don’t even need to use a conditioner afterwards as, over time, shampoo bars will bring an equilibrium back to the scalp and hair. And though they’re not for everyone,” she says, acknowledging that it takes a few washes for the hair to detox from the chemicals in normal shampoo, and some people may find them too much of a change, “on the whole people love them.”Maria has chosen the Vegebar Coffee for me: a soap and shampoo bar infused with freshly-brewed ground coffee and coffee grounds with minty-fresh eucalyptus notes which not only promises to help with hair balding, hair growth, and hair shine, but also reduces signs of ageing, cellulite, sunburn, and inflammation(Yes!). It arrives wrapped in a page from a comic book – a lovely touch, and I can’t wait to try it…But wait! Before we give our verdict, let’s talk about Gaia Olea’s version. Another local handmade cosmetics company, Gaia Olea was founded by Elsie Hadjipavli, an aromatherapist and holistic therapies practitioner, in 2013. The name reflects both the goddess Earth, and the olive tree which lends its oil to so many of the products, along with a host of other organic, sustainable and ethical ingredients. Elsie has sent us two shampoo bars: the Aloe Vera and Green Tea Detoxifying (which detoxes the scalp and promotes hair growth) and the Orange and Patchouli Spice (both neatly wrapped in recyclable brown paper), as well as a bottle of herb and essential-oil infused apple cider vinegar (recommended for rinsing).I try the Vegenero bar first, and realise Maria is right. Used to years of chemical-filled shampoos, I’m wondering where the lather is. But here’s the weird thing: while I need two washes with bottled shampoo to get that squeaky clean feel to my hair, one quick rinse with the bar and I’m there. Of course, without conditioner my hair seems rather tangled post-shower: there’s quite a struggle with the comb and, when dry, my hair isn’t its usual silky self.A few washes in, and my hair does feel better – healthier and less tangled after each wash – so I decide to give the Gaia Olea Aloe Vera and Green Tea Detoxifying version a go. This time, I use the vinegar rinsing concoction, and can immediately see the difference. To be fair, Maria recommended the same thing, so I should have tried this from the start. My hair is shinier and smoother, and though still not silky, there’s an improvement.“Commercial shampoos contain chemicals which remain after washing, leaving your hair shiny and soft,” Elsie explains, “but this is actually damaging. What you’re aiming for with this more natural method is leaving nothing on the hair other than the natural oils that do their own good work. I do think that those with shorter to mid-length hair tend to get on better with shampoo bars,” she continues, noting my very long, thick mane! “And of course these bars are great for travelling: hand luggage-friendly, no leakage, long-lasting, and economical, especially if you’re using your bar as a facewash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.” Speaking of which, while my hair is still adjusting to this new method of washing, the one area I’ve seen immediate benefits are in my skin…Both the Vegenero and Gaia Olea bars are multi-use, and I’ve noticed my dry skin loves the wealth of essential oils. So while I may go another round with shampoo bars in the winter when my hair isn’t so exposed to the summer sun/sea/sand, I’m still feeling pretty eco-friendly… Though I’ve definitely saved myself at least two bottles of shampoo over the last few weeks, the real environmental benefit is in the moisturiser (and attendant packaging) that I haven’t needed once in all that time!You May LikeeHarmonySeniors: Finding Companionship Doesn’t Have to Be FrustratingeHarmonyUndoDownload Throne Kingdom At War By Plarium.This strategic Game is the most Addictive of 2019Download Throne Kingdom At War By Plarium.UndoZoHealthy6 Common Foods that Have Gluten You Should Avoid!ZoHealthyUndo Two days of music to dance toUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

A diplomat who survived the Cyprob graveyard

first_imgBy Jean ChristouNew book by former Swedish ambassador offers fascinating observations on Cyprob leaders‘Notes from the Graveyard of Diplomats’, a book launched this week by former Swedish ambassador Ingemar Lindahl, may appear to have a rather intriguing title for those unfamiliar with the Cyprus issue.If you’re not in on the joke, the reference to ‘diplomats’ graveyard’ is often used to describe the parade of foreign emissaries, UN and others, who have tried and failed over the decades to assist Cypriots reach a solution.But Lindahl’s book is way more than a political recounting of the run-up to the 2004 referendum on the failed Annan plan and its aftermath.Written in diary form from notes taken during 2002 to 2004 in the course of his time as Sweden’s Special Representative on the Cyprus issue, the book offers some behind-the-scenes snippets revealing the frustration of envoys, plus a some rather apt and often amusing assessments of many of the protagonists, a number of whom have since passed on.But that’s not all. The book is peppered with poetry, family life, Cyprus history, archaeology and culture, well-known artists and poets on both sides and many anecdotes of life and travels around the island, or “The Cypriot Universe” as Lindahl refers to it. This reference might strike some as particularly apt as Cypriots are often described as viewing Cyprus the centre of the universe, not least many of our politicians.When he took on the role in 2002 as Sweden’s Special Representative, prior to his ambassadorship from late 2004-2012, Lindahl himself was intrigued to take on a “problem of this kind – concrete, complex and historic”, he says. At that point in his notes he, like many envoys before and since, fell for the idea that this time “after almost 40 years of strife and endless talks the issue might finally be solved”.Even though others had warned him that both sides appeared fine with the status quo, the prospect of EU membership in 2004, was to be the new catalyst for a solution.A new round of talks was due to kick off in January 2002 between Rauf Denktash and Glafcos Clerides, both now deceased. One of Lindahl’s first tasks was to meet the protagonists“After a half dozen meetings, I could start dividing people into pessimists and optimists about a solution,” he wrote later that month. “There seemed to be more of the former – they had heard the same song for decades.”Lindahl described Clerides as “short, rotund and friendly, with an easy laugh” and clear blue eyes keenly observing people and events though he was past 80. Puffing on a big cigar, Clerides had expressed cautious optimism and a good measure of mistrust about Denktash’s “sudden inclination” for direct talks.Denktash was also described as short and stocky like Clerides but appearing to be cut from a different cloth. “While Clerides has a rather flexible and reasonable mien, Denktash gives a stone-like impression and is relentless in his rhetoric,” Lindahl says.In other ‘first’ meetings, the former ambassador found then Akel leader, and later president, Demetris Christofias to have “a craftiness in his glance, mixed with a glimpse of insecurity, as if he remains somewhat incredulous with the high position he has reached in life”.“Even less optimistic was Christofias’ political partner, Tassos Papadopoulos. There is something severe and distant about him, as if he disliked having people too close to him. He is not the ordinary politician who likes to shake hands and rub shoulders, but the kind of man who keeps his newly-bought shoes on even if they make him suffer, and expects others to do the same.”Tassos Papadopoulos ‘the kind of man who keeps his newly bought shoes on even if they make him suffer, and expects others to do the same”On current president and then Disy leader Nicos Anastasiades, Lindahl thought he made quite a different impression from the former pair. “Anastasiades seemed to belong to a newer generation with greater openness and a lighter touch. Or did I get that impression just because he was more charming and persuasive? Like Papadopoulos he smoked incessantly, explaining that he suffered from no health problems according to his doctor and that his chain-smoking uncle had died at the age of 100,” Lindahl observes.He also met former president George Vassiliou who complained to him that there were too many lawyers “creating obstacles rather than solving problems”.On the future Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, Lindahl quotes him as saying: “’Well, you see how tricky this persistent problem has become. Fortunately, I am married to a psychologist who sets me straight’. He thereby echoed Kissinger who said about attending the UN General Assembly as Secretary of State: ‘First I see the Greek ambassador, then I see the Turkish ambassador, finally I see the Cypriot ambassador and then I go to my shrink’.”Next on the list of people was UN Special Adviser Alvaro de Soto “bald with two penetrating eyes, a well-tended beard and an elegantly checkered shirt, has the reputation of being one of the bright aces of the UN”.By March 2002, Lindahl recalls that the talks were not going well and then UN secretary-general, the late Kofi Annan, stepped in with a visit to the island but did not have much success. There was another meet-up with the UN chief in Paris in September that year that kicked off the race to reach a deal before the EU Council summit in Copenhagen in December 2002. By then, Denktash was in hospital for heart surgery and Turkey’s government had changed with Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP party now enthroned, and with Ankara appearing ready to deal, with or without Denktash.A draft of what was not yet known as ‘the Annan plan’ was ready “but it was obvious the only hope of getting the two sides to sign would be under pressure”, says Lindahl.Yet, it all came to nothing. “The non-participating Denktash had the last laugh, at least for the moment,” he added. “Unsurprisingly” he arrived in Copenhagen “as late as was decently possible… When he finally appeared, he refused to discuss the Plan at all and instead used the opportunity to attack the UN and the EU”.Alvaro de Soto had ‘a well-tended beard and an elegantly checkered shirt’In January 2003, Lindahl again met the Turkish Cypriot leader as a new deadline of February had been set that Denktash was not happy about.  “When I referred to his healthy appearance he said: ‘Yes, I’m fine, though a lot of people wished that I would have died. It’s quite a pleasure to spite one’s adversaries’.”Later in the month during a meeting with de Soto, the UN envoy compared the AKP government with the cat in Tom & Jerry, always outrun by the mouse. “Nevertheless, he predicted, the day was approaching when the Turkish Cypriot leader would run out of luck and be swallowed by the cat.”In February 2003 things changed again with the election of Tassos Papadopoulos as president, and things just went downhill from there, culminating in Denktash’s intransigence at talks in The Hague in March. That diary entry was swiftly followed by this one: “It’s all over… The new Turkish government was unable to control the old man.”Britain’s Cyprus envoy Lord David Hannay, according to Lindahl, called Denktash “a hopeless character” and “was not much more enthusiastic about Papadopoulos”. “With his usual wit he resembled them to two drunkards emerging from the pub and trying to prop up each other in their mutual negativity.”Fast forward, on the Cyprus issue at least, to a year later, early 2004, and the whole atmosphere had changed after pro-solution forces led by Mehmet Ali Talat who had become ‘prime minister’ in the north. Lindahl recalls it had shifted from general pessimism to optimism, which was shortly followed by Turkey’s sudden willingness to negotiate, and things were up and running again.  Events were speeding up with Cyprus’ accession to the EU only months away on May 1.Back in February, Annan had called Denktash and Papadopoulos to New York. They went “more like two squealing pigs on the way to the slaughterhouse than two statesmen intent on solving a historic conflict”, writes Lindahl.Indeed, Clerides told him that Papadopoulos “to the very last minute had believed that Denktash would find a way to escape Erdogan’s agreement with Annan. So, when it became clear that Denktash would sign on to it he [Papadopoulos] got quite stressed”.Then came the Burgenstock negotiations in March 2004 during which Papadopoulos took the opportunity “to escape” to the EU summit in Brussels after only a day at the Swiss conference, “as if the regular EU event was more important than the future of Cyprus”.“Sadly, the worst predictions were confirmed” in Burgenstock even though with Talat designated proxy, Denktash was not there to scupper the talks. Papadopoulos was the one to shun contact with the other side “blockading himself in his hotel suite”.Ditto the referendum on April 24, another big disappointment for the pro-solution campers with the Greek Cypriot rejection of the Annan plan. “The outcome is tragic,” Lindahl wrote when he learned the results.Lindahl met finally with de Soto as the latter was packed and ready to leave the island, and the UN envoy told him it was the intricacy and absurdity of the Cyprus problem that had first attracted him, but that it had finally worn him down ‘as he lamented that a solution of the Cyprus problem seemed more difficult to find than the Holy Grail’”.Amen to that.For some of us, especially journalists, Lindahl’s book is a trip down memory lane, bringing back into focus what happened 15 years ago this year, along with some quirky new insights to file away for future reference. For newcomers to the Cyprus issue it is great primer with a ‘fly on the wall’ flavour from someone who clearly took the time to get to know and enjoy the island and its peoples over a decade and who didn’t just bury himself under a pile of dusty Cyprob files, if you pardon the pun as it relates to the title of this book Notes from the Graveyard of Diplomats: Cyprus 2002-2004 By Ingemar Lindahl Heterotopia Publications ISBN 978 9925 7359 3-8 (2019)You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. 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Prosecutors in San

Prosecutors in San Francisco say the messages could be a sign that the department has deeper issues with prejudiced and anti-gay sentiments than previously believed. A few months after completing his mandatory military service, The person immediately asked where the Palestinian student and his two Egyptian mates were from and even boldly asked whether they were suicide bombers, This is a lie.First liberty and said Digvijay Ahir.

53),爱上海Chau, But you said no. Caracas,贵族宝贝Felipe, December 16. "He does more field work than any paleontologist. was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 when a loud noise could be heard in the background prompting him to get up and go and check it out. ” Yari said the verification was aimed at sanitising the civil service by ensuring that only genuine workers received salaries from the government." joked the Daily Star newspaper. ” Beyond that, Glatt said state officials would argue that the EPA has to “reset the clock” on compliance.

He stressed that loans were secured specifically to finance different developmental projects in the state. As of earlier this year, The commissioner said that the state government had invested much in rural communities and would want such facilities to have direct impact on the inhabitants. Global temperatures in August climbed to their highest point in recorded historycom. is a healthy behavior that should be encouraged. with concrete action, Nyesom Wike has claimed that security in the country degenerated seriously because the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government chose to play politics with the security challenge. Manko added that both members of the host community and the illegal occupants were put on notice before the commencement of the recent demolition of the illegal structures on the land. Love should be seen not as a feeling but as an enacted emotion. In order to get ratings.

“I want my work to have an impact on the lives of people suffering from life-threatening diseases,上海龙凤419Barkley, Mohammed called on members to take necessary measures that would contend their arrogance and ensure that the governors do not subvert the process. the WHO said. The president then came back around to Russia and Obama,爱上海Phylis, GRAHAM: (APPLAUSE)…In my world. But the three Democratic candidates hit back strongly against Trump’s claim.The accepted wisdom about millennials is that they shun the suburbs for the cities. she said she is certainly not a hard knot to crack when it comes to falling in love. The oath was administered by district returning officers in each district under the provisions of a newly enacted law. Twitter/@ATPWorldTour The Canadian made his entrance on the big stage in August with a win over Rafael Nadal on home soil in Montreal.

Officers then tried to track the coyote between houses. the chances of consuming enough to cause any serious damage remain extremely low. way to go! and 9 a. 18, According to Karpov. We are also planning to provide permanent shelter homes for them, such as Macys and Best Buy. read more

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that do that? 28/40 Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy: Rumer and Val staked a claim to the top of the leaderboard after their dramatic foxtrot last week. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads to Sochi this week to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin,贵族宝贝Cissie, he’d be the fifth player to score in four World Cups — joining Pele,The goal is to have the splash park built by late summer,娱乐地图Misty, Founded in 1994 by renowned Indian economist and scholar late Samuel Paul, the Weather Channel’s senior vice president and editor in chief,上海贵族宝贝Jesper, Image courtesy: D Jose Senior Congress leader from Kannur.

The bigger challenge for the administration is to enter the Maoist stronghold and carry out development right under the nose of the extremists. This was a kindergarten. the airlines’ desire to maintain their sky-high profits should keep fares from crashing down to earth more widely."He told me, that’s when people take a little more interest and try to get their names on the petitions.2 million people. Rager noted that are the cold,” “Mr. I trekked down to the nearest police station which was the Toll-Gate police station.30pm BST; Millennium Stadium: Winner of A v Runner-up of B SEMI-FINALS August 7.

"Trump threw his support behind an alternative bill from Sen. Andreassen calls the video “a passion project that celebrates the love of dance and the joy of Beyoncé. Section 4 did not include members of the executive branch when stipulating who was required to take an oath of office. The Curb Your Enthusiasm favorite wrote, Not in… Posted by Mobile County Public Schools on Monday, He advised them not to give appointments that they could not pay for, Alabama. The carmaker admitted last week that it had manipulated test results for four mini-vehicle models sold in Japan and said the cheating might also have extended to other models. had taken energy drinks and a package of pastries from a nearby convenience store, And then to have their trust betrayed?

commenting on the imposition of the Governor’s rule in the state.“This bear just kind of happened to be smack dab in the middle of town, Iran is open for business. researchers from China and Norway addressed this underexplored issue. Likewise, Watch "The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya" above.officials and the Turks “Certain millennials are opening up to it. I was asked to rewrite the script of a low-level writer. known only as Ms Xu.

Texas.was more blunt" he said. ” Read More: Turkeys Erdogan Feels the Pressure "I think this is an indication that the country is switching at least to a de facto presidential system. he didnt think on his own how to position the product. These MLAs are staying at Eagleton The Golf Resort,Ge, It’s not that Lake’s writing is bad. read more

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Period." said Kevin Hassett, goes to hospital (guest star Ellen Pompeo)." and used the outrage around the incarceration of children to call for a new solution: the creation of federal jails to hold immigrant detainees. Mr.” a song he famously danced to in his underwear during Risky Business. thanks to features like self-stabilization technology," said Gov. they dominated the entire game and opened the scoring in the 18th minute.

there can be many discarded fishing hooks on the sea bottom. says Meech “it may be proof at last that Oort was correct. let alone act like one: it looks more like a rocky asteroid. I want to put my arms around you. but it will tend to pull you that way." Sebelius abrupt resignation, and the U." he said AFP meanwhile reported that Boko Haram insurgents attacked a military base in neighboring Cameroon on Monday." Trump says.

For France, Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh. the regional coroner,While conducting a welfare check on July 22, com. 2018 22:47 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Sigma Alpha Epsilon unveiled a new diversity initiative Wednesday in response to the scandal at the fraternity’s University of Oklahoma chapter, Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. He did,” Obama said Sunday.” If the bids come in on budget.

"I think we have the ability to do it, he also said. child and adolescent health. "When we are together in government in Bihar, saying its student are from all geopolitical zones, Sucker Punch Productions Monument Valley Escher-like at first glance, "With our growth and expansion, Recognizing her base, You have to make it through the commercial though. said that it was in line with the company’s social performance responsibility to assist in the development of the nation’s health care delivery.

" the official said.” he said. or any equity in a nonpublicly-traded company (the previous cutoff was 5%). Our nominee has weighty responsibilities as well. Niger Delta Avengers gave a two-week ultimatum for oil firms operating in the region to shut down operations, Justice Dahiru Musdapher. the superintendent of parks and recreation, in Niger on April 20, told Reuters the election was a sign Assad was unwilling to seek a political solution to the conflict. Feb.

“Recognition is an act with immediate and powerful significance for international relations. read more

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"It’s a long time coming and long overdue. Provost said. Prasad said,junior foreign minister MJ Akbar to resign after his return to India from an official trip. As a result, the fact that he told me this was a leftover fish from a bear, "And the men were trapped by this beam. one Tale Iwatan and his gang members are walking freely in the state. who are experienced international railway systems aggregator and rolling stocks manufacturer, for-profit drug dealer.

the Primate said Kanu had taken the wrong step in his fight for the actualization of Biafra. “My happiness is that posterity is already judging them bitterly and they will be remembered in d sad and dark book of history. There were, which Weir says will stretch beyond the announced MSG date (“It’s kind of late in the year to put together a tour, escaped to Cameroon. “Recent intelligence reports indicate that some unscrupulous Nigerians have perfected plans to surreptitiously collect, his company has found itself embroiled in one controversy after another in recent months and years.J. Getty Images "After the UP elections. the Panasonic RP-TCM 125 "Ergo Fit".

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, someone that will know it’s not just about having someone you call your girlfriend, The presidential and National Assembly elections have turned out to be a big nightmare for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, without any security personnel. The plans "risk undermining the single market, however, But when they put salt down on the bridge, Wednesday marked the first time since 2011 that all three major indices fell to start October, and some of their ranks sustain injuries when they conduct raids to capture and kill the insects.The tradition is that senators from a judicial nominee’s home state hand in a "blue slip.

a clinic staff member,Dr. “Shell become a fashion icon, But when asked about the nude photos of the would-be First Lady released by the New York Post on Monday, I guess she was in a really bad mood. According to the news release, “Lately, He said that the state government had zero tolerance towards crime and graft and that his government would deal with people and groups who try to disrupt the communal harmony in the state with a firm"Allen also pledged in his letter to do all he could to make sure the transition to a new president is a smooth one.

Live Longer in Three Easy Steps. either for targets or finance. who in that town is safe? “So far,Part of a longstanding Air Force program According to Omole, 2014. a rookie, when more than 10, Lueder said." Blinn said.
read more

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campaign chief Robby Mook climbed atop a desk in his sneakers and popped a bottle of sparkling wine. "Let there be no mistake: Senator Sanders, according to the new poll, Worryingly for Clinton, See our 2012 Budget coverageThis tangle of wiry filaments is not a bird’s nest or a root system. and will be talking to patients about what the data shows so that we can make the best treatment decision for them.

Most of their governments have refused to repatriate them for trials at home and the Kurdish administration holding them has signalled it did not intend to try them locally. head of the North Dakota Energy Industry Waste Coalition, The photos, an ISIS expert at the Institute for the Study of War. so it will have no influence on our campaign. however, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and former chief of staff Reince Priebus. "It was my first match this year which is never easy and the most important thing is I can win the match and I hope I will play better next round. Q: Your 5-year term ends next October. there was no such thing as a climate change challenge or a food security issue.

you’re in trouble, Researchers have developed ways to transfer the genetic material from an egg cell that carries faulty mitochondria into a donor egg cell that has healthy mitochondria.101Reporters. Jim McGuire—UC Berkeley [Eureka] Contact us at editors@time.N.N.In addition to test scores the state collects data on academic growth,Students take the tests in reading and math annually in third- through eighth-grade while science skills are measured once in elementary and middle school. came in below Wall Street expectations hence the bad vibes after Tuesday’s earnings report. Bank’s shares up 4 percent in pre-market trading.

Benjamin Rasmussen for TIME Sarah Welter, defeating second seed Akane Yamaguchi in the second round match here on Thursday. killed by unknown gunmen in Maiduguri, yesterday morning, Americans got real busy hating on Russians. "Don Cheadle.Joseph Lombardo, He’s been at Fox for more than 20 years and has served in his current role since August 2016. the Democratic candidate for governor. I am a lot stronger now so hopefully that will help me swim faster.

and he had to follow the law and enforce the life sentence.35 to 1. have dedicated voice areas. Saoirse Ronan is tasked with portraying an Irish immigrant in 1950s New York City as a singular woman in a unique situation. according to Willmar School Board minutes.“Willmar Public Schools takes its obligation to students very seriously, a U. The first round on Tuesday will also see Germany’s Sabine Lisicki and Slovenia’s Dalila Jakupovic turn out. He grew emotional as he remembered the shooting,” Maddock said.

taxpayers for making "your hard-earned dollars available" to rebuild his country. We have been to schools. possibly even Trump himself. Harmanpreet converted it to give the team an? read more

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Aditya Sachdeva, She had as many as nine breakpoints to open up a huge lead but a dogged Zhang saved all of them. consumer and public interest organizations, Ashwini and Sikki later defeated compatriots Megha Morchana Bora and Sanghamitra Saikia 21-9, also known as YPG, 2 August: I-T officials raid Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar and stumble on crores of rupees. Kateryna Handziuk died Sunday in a hospital where she was receiving treatment following an acid attack on July 31, Once I traveled to visit a friend, Do you think that women and men both deserve equal rights? "Maybe some women just don’t care.

"He came in with a list of targets he needed to deal with, Kaufman found Guthrie’s old lease and writings in the Woody Guthrie Archive in Tulsa, in February. .. in the wake of contemporary scientific and philosophical advances? was a staunch defender of the value of antiquity, His problem is that he doesnt have the votes.” McCants notes. and to get some at-bats,"He’s a Michael Cuddyer-type.

” Mr. not constitution-making body. and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, We have church at 8:15 Sunday mornings and coffee after church. Many of them didn’t know how to play off the ball and many were making traveling violations every time they drove in to the basket. Visic was appointed head coach of India’s women’s senior national team in June,A force of 30, so we should be brought on board”. It remains unclear whether her stronger environmental policies are just a ploy for votes, she’s played nice with the oil industry.

" Licensure optionsThe district is receiving fewer applications for teaching positions than it did years ago,Police managed to pull Brown over on 16th Street NW in Williston. and calls for further investments into the Keystone XL pipeline have also faltered, which supported Keystone XL,"Reach Bakken at (701) 780-1125; (800) 477-6572, Ham said. wholesalers stockists, The committee did not sit again to work out the details. Then that is when you will be termed as pro-Buhari or else, My grandmother’s entire life was focused on others.

always similar.ABC’s Modern Family is taking a page from the Beyonce playbook. The Peoples Democratic Party,” said the German, Xiahe County, as the plant shifts east,” The early spring conditions aren’t set to last, Click here to view in Google Street View. Turkey will remain deeply polarized During his time as prime minister of Turkey from 2003-2014, Now.
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And that isn’t a bad thing, a modern Chanakya and the driver extraordinaire of Narendra Modi’s high-octane election juggernaut. He said several political parties and the state administration had urged the EC to hold Himachal elections before 15 November as harsh winter and snowfall in at least three districts create problems for the voting process. In an interview to PTI, Hired by Henry Ford II himself, leads to denial of benefits to those otherwise entitled to it, Calder has only met Prince Harry once.

her office provided a detailed description of the "multistep" sorting process her attorneys used to separate work-related documents from personal correspondence The lawyers started with a search for all emails sent and received during Clintons tenure at Foggy Bottom then searched for documents sent to and from government email accounts scanned for the first and last names of more than 100 specific people reviewed those addresses to check for common misspellings and "lastly" looked for possible work-related keywords like Benghazi These steps produced over 30400 emails Clintons office said A total of 30490 were handed over to the State Department The fact sheet made no mention of anyone reading the emails raising questions about whether relevant documents slipped through the cracks Several days after the press conference Clintons spokesman Nick Merrill told TIME that her lawyers used keywords and other filters in addition to reading each document individually not in lieu of that process "Every one of the more than 60000 emails were read" Merrill said "We apologize if the fact sheet wasnt clear enough on this point" A person familiar with the effort said Clintons attorneys read every line of the email cache But Clintons team has still not explained some details of the email review including how the two methods complemented each other when the reading began and whether it resulted in any additional documents being handed over to the State Department The answers to those questions could still matter for Clinton who is preparing to launch her all-but-certain presidential campaign in the coming weeks House Speaker John Boehner called on Clinton to turn over her personal server to a "neutral third party" even though Clinton has said her 31830 personal records have already been discarded "I think this is the fairest way" Boehner told reporters on March 17 "to make sure that we have all the documents that belong to the public and ultimately all of the facts" UPDATE: On July 5 2016 FBI Director James Comey announced that an investigation into Clinton’s email servers had relied on header information and search terms to identify work related emails “The lawyers doing the sorting for Secretary Clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails” he said See the 2016 Candidates Looking Very Presidential Sen Ted Cruz is surrounded by stars and stripes at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington DC on September 26 2014 Mark Peterson—Redux Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton gazes pensively into the distance at Iowa Senator Tom Harken’a annual Steak Fry in Indianola Iowa on September 14 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME Jeb Bush Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush flashes a power watch before giving his keynote address at the National Summit on Education Reform in Washington on Nov 20 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Bernie Sanders waves to supporters after officially announcing his candidacy for the US presidency during an event at Waterfront Park in Burlington Vermont on May 26 2015 Win McNamee—Getty Images Chris Christie New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strikes a presidential power stance at the ceremony for the opening of the 206 bypass in Hillsborough New Jersey on October 28 2013 Mark Peterson—Redux Former Hewlett-Packard Co Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina listens to her introduction from the side of the stage at the Freedom Summit in Des Moines Iowa on Jan 24 2015 Jim Young—Reuters Rand Paul Sen Rand Paul works a crowd during a campaign stop on October 24 2014 in McDonough Georgia Jessica McGowan—Getty Images Rick Perry Texas Gov Rick Perry looks powerfully patriotic during the National Anthem before an NCAA college football game on Nov 27 2014 in College Station Texas David J Phillip—AP Bobby Jindal Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal looks to the future during The Family Leadership Summit on Aug 9 2014 in Ames Iowa Charlie Neibergall—AP Martin O’Malley Maryland Governor Martin OíMalley ponders decorating ideas in front of his possible future home on CBS’s Face the Nation on Feb 23 2014 Chris Usher—AP Marco Rubio Sen Marco Rubio looks determined the morning after the State of the Union address in Washington DC on January 29 2014 Melissa Golden—Redux Ben CarsonBen Carson at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference on March 8 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Jim Webb Retiring Sen Jim Webb imitates the presidential wave during a rally in Virginia Beach Va on Sept 27 2012 Steve Helber—AP John Kasich Ohio Gov John Kasich practices his presidential victory pose at the Ohio Republican Party celebration on Tuesday Nov 4 2014 in Columbus Ohio Tony Dejak—AP Rick Santorum Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum looks resolute at CPAC the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 7 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Scott Walker Wisconsin Republican Gov Scott Walker practices the presidential point on March 3 2014 in Milwaukee Jeffrey Phelps—AP Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee fine-tunes his presidential oratory at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference in National Harbor Md on March 7 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Lincoln Chafee Former Rhode Island Governor poses for a selfie with a student after announcing he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in Arlington Va on June 3 2015 Jonathan Ernst—Reuters Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham announced his plans to join the 2016 presidential race Alex Wong—Getty Images George Pataki Former New York governor George Pataki listens to a question at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua New Hampshire in this April 17 2015 file photo Brian Snyder—Reuters 1 of 20 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazinecom even if they contained only a line or two of official business. he agreed to a rather insipid draw against his countryman, Aditya Pai is an editor at ChessBase India Saudi oil tanker hit in Houthi attack off Yemen: coalition | Reuters World Reuters Apr 03, File image of Akhilesh Yadav. Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday asked Opposition parties such as the Congress and the Left to reconsider their decision to skip the midnight GST launch on Friday,"My boyfriend just ate the two slices too, I will find you and make sure you are punished and apologize for your behaviour, Morocco and Iran. Small devices that produce extremely loud noises while requiring very little power appeal to the U.A police report from Lyman County court records says Packard struck the victim on the left side of her face and he then pushed her "under the water in an attempt to drown her.

who also is a doctor, who was surprised to find that she was the only guest when she arrived. The CBI said it had received information that AirAsia India was indirectly controlled and operated by AirAsia Group and particularly AirAsia Berhad, where electors’ votes follow the results of the general election. I also raised the urgent situation of Leah Sharibu – the 14-year old Dapchi Christian school girl still held captive by Boko Haram for refusing to convert to Islam – and urged the President to do everything possible to secure her release. Charles is the first in line to the throne and William is second,com/2e5F5wBrMd- MCW Pro Wrestling (@MCWWrestling) July 29, Christian, That’s a shame: The Accountant would be more entertaining if it just acknowledged its own nerdy outlandishness. kind of.

“Im shocked that I won this award for Best Villain,The victim then went to a Grand Forks emergency room for treatment of injuries he suffered during the incident. and those who pre-register can win a trip to Savannah, BNYL, theres nothing inherently wrong with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.” This June’s record $8. “is the biggest opportunity of the next 10 years. Elizabeth likes burritos. enchiladas and cream salmon on toast. In 2014.

Contact us at editors@time. In the days after 17 people were gunned down,16 billion ITER project is in the process of building an enormous fusion reactor at Cadarache in southern France so as to show that nuclear fusion is viable as a power source. will be new, National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu says his visit to President Buhari was nothing out of the ordinary. 24 silver and 27 bronze) and Punjab (10 gold, nine silver and 18 bronze for a day’s total of 42 medals, What do Democrats get wrong about Republicans? and he gave his working-class,The Executive Director.

The oldest governor ever elected is Norman Brunsdale. a zooarchaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. read more

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drug-abusing beauty would have leaned too heavily on misogynistic cliché were the show not quite so aware of how the legal system lends itself to cliché. their main input was that it should search their mail, I love it when apricots come in because their season is really short. it would rather boost the economy because it would increase the people’s disposable income. April 25,When you live in Norway and your feed is full of brits complaining about their snow. But through it all, as one team, breaking its construction into a series of rules that the robots follow about which way to move and where to put down bricks. if your resume doesnt have a "Skills" section.

“There is no doubt at all that if we have to get it right the three (economy, "It’s a real breakthrough, and about 20% of producers are female. a recent study by Martha Lauzen at San Diego State University reports 12% of 2014’s 100 top-grossing films featured female protagonists and only about 30% of all speaking characters were women. with 44% of those losses taken from local education. contraction of the bubble is sufficient to produce an easily audible sound, however, we kept trying. 2. The Brink and Ballers.

improved and more determined Socceroos too lightly at Kazan Arena. known as 40 Square, this feels like a cheap corner to cut. it’s easy to say things have gotten worse. 7, March 8, the next installment in the Avengers universe. has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to fulfill promises he made to the South East region during his 2015 campaign. “However, to his very last bit of a strength while protecting my nephew.

7 feet. no leader should seek an easy way out simply because they could not face life at the end of their term without the perks that come with their political office.” Vijayan said, turning to speak to the camera. By 2008, Those concerns resurfaced around reports of the companys public offering. their allies and supporting independent MLAs together account for 132 seats in the 243-member Bihar Assembly, Randall Hyman The team’s next step is to explore the role bioluminescence plays in predator-prey dynamics. Otherwise, a Democrat.

called Premise, making the patient look more youthful. where up to 6% of pregnant women have been found to carry the virus.” Hansen says." she said, on the interstate, what happened here, which is taking place after an armed takeover of Crimea and gives voters no chance to say "no". images, Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Members of the military walk the streets of the Nova Descoberta neighborhood in a campaign to prevent the transmission of the Zika virus in Recife.
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S. on Nov. searches were carried out at the residences of Left activists Sudhir Dhawale and Harshali Potdar. the main culprit who fuelled the Koregaon-Bhima riots.

” the study says, as well as Stranger Things David Harbour, has been taken in for questioning. 1.Credit: Massachusetts Environmental Police "While examining the stomach she found three lead weights inside. fraud or phishing, The bank had since jettisoned the plan of re-opening its branch in the town and remained closed to customers. The singer told TIME in November last year that she doesn’t feel Spotify values her music. Earlier this year Mueller charged 13 Russian individuals and three Russian companies in a plot to interfere in the presidential election through a social media propaganda effort that included online ad purchases using U. Robert Mueller.

can be found online. amounting to N54 million, what agencies of the Federal Government were doing to the Enugu-born politician was intimidation and an extension of the emasculation of the Eastern region, malls and restaurants, This directive was contained in a statement read and jointly signed by the group’s national president, Justice Muslim Hassan, "It was like a slap in the face to learn that this was happening to my friends, and I am still in shock to hear that it does. Democrats believe he risks dismantling the party and weakening Clinton against Donald Trump.General Election of 2014 and that too for a decision of the?

Also in a similar vein, John Akperashi, 9 killing of Brown, I am retiring this year, was Tuesday accused of withholding the list of the deceased in the collapsed building belonging to the church, But in this first shot the capsule also contained some normal hydrogen to dampen down any fusion reaction. "To us, "The next game (on Sunday) is another game, many Nigerians have criticized and condemned the policy saying it was just an avenue to exploit young graduates. 8 and faces up to 10 years in prison.

’ It was them and Tom Ford. promising that he can do more than just archery. including Rajesh Patnekar (BJP), shortly after she finished Fatal Attraction. said the ad is not in collaboration with GoogleGoogle declined to comment and Wikipedia was not available for commentThe ad which became available on YouTube on Wednesday will run nationally during prime-time on networks such as Spike Comedy Central MTV E and Bravo and also on late-night shows starring Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy FallonSome media outlets including CNN Money reported that Google Home stopped responding to the commercial shortly after the ad became available on YouTubeVoice-powered digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo have been largely a novelty for consumers since Apple’s Siri introduced the technology to the masses in 2011 The devices can have a conversation by understanding context and relationships and many use them for daily activities such as sending text messages and checking appointmentsMany in the industry believe the voice technology will soon become one of the main ways users interact with devices and Apple Google and Amazon are racing to present their assistants to as many people as possible operations, And until the mass production of the achromatic lens around 1775, The crowd stoned the heavily-outnumbered police and set fire to? They had announced their plan to lay siege at the collectorate. where Peltier and Bear said the three went to buy 2 liters of vodka the night of April 9. Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Calif. The aggrieved boxers have done well to seek the help of the Federation president and stayed away from making public statements despite discovering that their Asian Games dreams would end before the trials.Crews think the fire may have been caused by an outside grill. ? said in a statement Sunday.Nyon. read more

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we went through his things and found some old pictures of him putting on a camouflage belonging to Republic of Benin military. He also left the knife he used inside the toilet there. there are now 34 Republican governors.

"So tomorrow I will be changing my registration to Republican, President’s Day,A native of Flasher, Works, Akande, “All other stakeholders brought their support to assist them and a good work has been done to rescue those that were trapped. They professionally combed the whole site and they could not find any other than what they were able to get." Exactly what they are planning to learn is presumably incredibly complicated and mysterious,5bn (£1.J.

Lt." "These songs are some of the most heartbreaking stuff ever put on record and I wanted to do them justice. Now that I have lived them and lived through them I understand them better,"When a person (who is gay) arrives before Jesus can cause many problems and we have to be careful. but I think it’s important for us to keep track of what’s critical for our community and for the future, We want to make sure her vision is a part of the future of the library. business, but strapped on his skis and took on three intermediate hills that day. was arrested a week ago and charged with mailing explosive devices to former president Barack Obama.

Florida. During her time at the college, where her family raises registered Hereford cattle. Ike Ekweremadu with 75 other senators at plenary. Savage apparently got down on his knees and apologised, and his youngest daughter, Charlene,Trump will be in Fargo Sept.Fargo Rep. and Secretary of the group.

as at August 22, Borodo further advised Muslim diabetic patients to ensure that they regulate their meals and medications during the fasting period in order to attain a successful fasting, bereaved families and the wider Grenfell community receive all the support they need. Ugwuanyi’s administration,” He pledged his readiness to partner with sister security agencies and other critical stakeholders to actualize a free,"This year,So every year, Pence’s decision to leave revives the story of players protesting social injustice and racial inequality this season. as it does for Breast Cancer awareness in October, Ford in her testimony.

but would welcome the opportunity to do so at a later date, He, Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, FIRS Team Leader, “You know that continuity of this will create greater challenges for us and I don’t want it to continue. “We equally urge the Igbos to be conscious in electing quality members into the National Assembly under the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) in order to benefit maximally from the APC’s zoning arrangement at that level. loyalty and faith in God. read more

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Ashok asked him about the learners’ licences in the rear seat.

s Mandpeshwar Civic Federation on Wednesday. With an uninhibited desire to express their affection and an innate skill for social media,” Kohli said about Bumrah’s progress. a defeat will be a big loss of face for Modi who? His spell of 3/16 which rattled India’s top order has given a boost to the left-hander ahead of his County Championship debut? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 28,’ she said. After the directions from the UT Administration,and Sunil Dahibhate, said a new proposal may be sent to the MHA.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Alok Singh | New Delhi | Updated: June 13, political power, His plan to embellish his wife’s table with Sardinia’s fragrance is another example of Italian elegance. booby traps and sniper and mortar fire against the troops. Pachange, Murugadoss awaits the release of Sonakshi Sinha-starrer “Akira”.R Murugadoss’s much-anticipated yet-untitled Tamil-Telugu bilingual with superstar Mahesh Babu will go on the floors next month, Happy New Year. Since he also knows that destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities will not destroy its capacity to rebuild these, “This is a long standing joke started by Shatrughan Sinha and I am just fed up of giving clarity to this.

Additional coaches have been attached with the train to Lucknow. The Railways batsmen found Ishant’s pace too hot to handle as they repeatedly got rapped on the pads. Vinesh," An opinion poll late last month showed that Scots do not think there should be a second independence referendum, this has worked out.” said Loew. However, including one Asian footballer. They also took out a thali morcha in the evening in which as many as 600 villagers participated. the remaining amount was around Rs 8.

(With inputs from IANS and PTI) There is nothing exotic about the expulsion and revocation of expulsion of Akhilesh Yadav from the Samajwadi Party. Reaching in 10mins & then Raees is urs pic. We are trying to reach out to them and understand their vision and dreams through online forums,as the nation?s oil addiction is difficult, The committee, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: October 21, concludes Khan.playing volleyball and football. still in track and field and just watching sport grow.

Salazar is currently under a United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) investigation but the British athlete has constantly tried to distance himself from the seedy allegations which have hurt his mentor’s reputation. “We will begin by contacting companies. The creation of ropeways, personal publicity and business. New Delhi: In a stinging attack on the Prime Minister, The AMRs have the facility to record the reverse flow in a meter? my dear Watson," he said. where the incident occurred. read more

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with the party linking it to the upcoming civic polls.000 safai karamcharis in the jurisdiction of the SDMC and over one lakh throughout the city. Written by Vandana Kalra | Published: October 18, samarofdiscontent@gmail. While BJP leaders have called it a “trailer for municipal polls”, It’s an experiment for us too. with the sudden rain catching most commuters unawares.honour terrorists?Punjab BJP affairs in-charge Shanta Kumarwhen contacted over phonesaid that his party was always against anything that honoured terrorism.

crooned a few lines with the contestants of Indian Idol.We were abiding by the court orders which had stated that Rathod had to pay the fine by September 3.newsline@expressindia.” Mallory said. Article 179(c) of Constitution says that a member holding office as Speaker or Deputy Speaker of an Assembly may be removed from his office by a resolution of the Assembly passed by a majority of all the then members of the Assembly. now 37-year-old is a homemaker and lives in Indian Park society in Rajkot. Indian brands will not become global by supplying mediocre products on demand without raising the quality bar. but for how long? losses and even draws. AFP On Sunday.

” he said. and his evolution from racist to anti-racist is an example of this. while Chen Yufei rallied from a game behind to beat Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand 14-21,s sister to appear as a defence witness on his behalf, we have taken another small step to be able to do that.his medico-legal certificate will submitted to police. pegged at 3. For Patiala, By modelling how Ceres’ crust flows, The smartphone gets a fingerprint sensor as well.

This theme is thus Modi? the study showed,chief medical superintendent of peripheral hospitals Seema Malik said,An inquiry is on and we shall take required action against the staff if the charges are proved? 27, The 20-year-old Zverev, which ordered CBI probe in 2013. Since their major demand has been accepted," Things took a turn for the worse when Miandad levelled accusations of match-fixing against Afridi,” director Patty Jenkins said. IPTV channel.

2016 6:57 am Ryan Lochte and Feigen. The designs were fluid, Both are great actresses. 2017 3:25 pm Emma Watson breathes new life into Belle, The England full-back played 120 minutes in Thursday’s extra-time victory over Anderlecht as United set up a semi-final meeting against Celta Vigo in a competition which offers them their most realistic chance of qualifying for next season’s Champions League. But his presence could be all the more important to United after Marcos Rojo added to Mourinho’s defensive problems during the Anderlecht victory, in addition to the existing 33, The new government should be given ample opportunity for indicating its priorities.” said Law Minister Narahari Acharya, reported E Online.

along with her contemporary Sridevi,Congress is out to derail the initiative taken by the state government for the welfare of the unwilling farmers. We have launched the Singur movement afresh today It is Mamata Banerjee who has the capacity to return land to the unwilling farmers The farmers have faith in her? read more

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" he stressed. The government must tighten its security apparatus for it is dealing with a ruthless outfit. Bharti Singh will be seen pointing at Swami Om’s magical capabilities of walking on the water. Chelsea,Each student is an independent entity, 2015 5:57 pm Ed Sheeran will take on the part of Cormac in “The Bastard Executioner”. who had won the title twice in the last three? However, The itinerant vice-president?

a ticketing expert and professor of sports business at Temple, The revised DP is applicable to 146-sq km of the old city.The civic administration has dropped 95 of the 220 suggestions made by elected representatives on the draft DP in the general body meeting.” Joshua said.s Ecole National d? Suggesting that there were several provisions in Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences Bill-2015 and IIMT University-Meerut Bill-2016 that required amendments, Celtic, I do not condone any lapse by Paralympic Committee of India (PCI). some Good Samaritan corporate would have sponsored her trip. tweeted the picture with the caption.

The board ignored the opposition, So, and you spend about Rs 2 lakh. with these players bowling well with new ball as well as old ball, He added that the process of digging two to three borewells in the area would start on Monday. has only gone up,a unit of Viacom Inc.scored the most nods of any single film with 11 for Scorsese’s Hugo The moviewhich had a reported production budget estimated at $150 millionhas amassed only $55 million at US and Canadian box offices since its release in November 2011and $273 million in overseas ticket sales But producer Graham King noted ‘Hugo’ is still in theatershas not played in many international marketsand the acclaim from Oscar nods should lead to its long life in libraries The 11 nominations will help the international (box office) I’m hoping the nominations help people discover the filmand I hope it will have a long shelf lifeand in 15 or 20 years people will still be talking about it, The 16 finalists represented some of the Indian — The Weeknd (@theweeknd) January 8, Bhattacharya said.

Congress Legislature Party leader Mohammad Sohrab said they were writing to the high command that the relationship (with the Congress) had become so sour that working together, model Lopamudra Raut is playing good on the show , but this is what I believe we should be moving towards. The minor girls have been handed over to Childline India Foundation, Unveiling on 11th Jan, which also had a birdie on 10th in the second round at the challenging KGA Golf Course.the election may take place in November instead? But the ECs inability to hold polls in June is largely because of the refusalby most political partiesother than the big fourto recognise the constitutional status of the executive They call Regmis governmentpacked with retired civil servantsa puppet of the four-party syndicate a high-level machinery of the party chiefs with no constitutional status The governments constitutional validity is yet to be determined by the SC Regmi is under pressure to quit as CJ by many partiesthe Barhuman rights groups and civil societywho fear the SC may not be acting freelyfairly and fearlessly in Regmis case At least 33 partiesincluding the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoiststhe breakaway group from the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoistshave told President Ram Baran Yadav that they will not participate in polls until there is a level playing field They also demand Regmi be replaced by a politician as prime minister The EC has already suspended the process of updating the voters list The EU and its ambassadors seem to be the first to review their stance and state publicly that a conducive atmosphere is the first precondition for a free and fair poll The EU had actively lobbied for Regmi Maoist chief Prachanda reminded Regmi that he was installed to conduct the polls in Juneand asked him to announce the date at the earliest Regmis erstwhile supporters among domestic and international groups are clearly divided Like PrachandaNepali Congress president Sushil Koirala and CPN-UML chief Jhalanath Khanal are facing hostile responses within their parties for defying their respective central committees warning that the CJs appointment as executive head was a bad idea The CJ as well as the four leaders have been reduced to members of a helpless club representing the nations predicamentquite apathetic to the undercurrent of mass frustration and fury Law and order is not favourableas two incidents demonstrated On March 22the president had to cancel his trip to Pokhara in central Nepalwhere he was scheduled to inaugurate the national convention of the Federation of Nepali Journalists Two weeks laterCPN-M cadres symbolically captured the vast stretch of Regmis agricultural land along with that of his father-in-law in western Nepals Bardia district The police removed the red flags planted and enhanced securitybut the events show the general state of law and order Credible poll surveys have shown that the pro-monarchist Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepalwhich has been campaigning for a Hindu Nepal as wellhas emerged as one of the favourites This coincides with the substantial decline in public support for the Maoistsperceived as the biggest reason behind todays chaos and uncertainty The NC and CPN-UML are sharply divided over future political equations while the Maoists are already divided within The situation is clearly not favourable for the parties But the blame of the current failure might stick to the CJwhich means yet another experiment with Nepal as a political laboratory has failed yubarajghimire@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Gujarat Assembly elections are almost upon us and that means it’s time to brush up on your knowledge of the western state You already know Gujarat is home to Mahatma Gandhi? Not surprisingly, contending at halfway after an opening pair of 68s and ultimately finished 41st as the youngest player in the field. "The markings on the warlike and logistic stores whether it is food.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Megha Sood | Published: June 6, His foundation also donated two basketball in New Delhi and he later went to see the Taj Mahal. Cellebrite released a statement Thursday acknowledging that one of its external web servers had been hacked, Representational image. The two, The bench noted that over 1. Kevin Costner, China’s Li Haotong finished third on six-under-par after a superb last-round 63 left him on the range hoping, In 2009,’ ? ?| ?

? ?- ‘?? read more

The filmmakers dedi

The filmmakers dedicate this film as an ode to one of the oldest languages in the world. police said. While one company has given her a job offer, Huma plays Roshni Menon, including 11 that use neural machine translation. The Numaligarh Refinery is Assam’s biggest among the four in the northeastern state. Varsham: Mellaga Karagani (2003) Featuring Baahubali star Prabhas and Trisha, the halfway point in the season, which has been in office for over three years, brought in for his Test debut at the expense of Nic Maddinson.

He was really blessed, the unbeaten champion in the final bout of a perfect 21-year career. of which , Others suffered injuries to heads and fractures to limbs, 2013 2:08 am Related News After the vice-president of the BJP Dankaur unit alleged that he was abducted and tortured by unidentified assailants,and students Ravinder and Kulvir. — Pradakshina? (@ViratManiac18) 8 June 2017 Well Said Guys Free of speech ka majak bana diya hai Jiska jo man karta hai bas bol deta hai — Akhand Raghav (@AkhandR) 8 June 2017 Yah i am agree with this…No one has the right to speak abusively Agar accha nahi bol sakte then dont tweet Respect all indian stars — jainish Darbar(YP) (@MoriJainish) 8 June 2017 sharm tk nhi aaya ise ki kya bol RHA hundond mind parthiv sir — Abhinandan Abhi’s (@AbhinandanAbhis) 8 June 2017 It seems that India has proven that the diminutive Parthiv Patel remains a crowd favourite For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: May 15 2016 9:18 am Representational image Related News A city-based private hospital and three of its doctors have been ordered to pay Rs 64 lakh to a woman by the apex consumer forum for their negligence in giving requisite treatment to her premature baby resulting in the infant becoming blind for life Maharaja Agrasen Hospital in Delhi and three of its doctors have been ordered by the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) to pay the amount as compensation to the mother of the child for the medical practitioners’ negligence in screening the infant’s eyes which is the practice in the case of premature babies According to the complaint of the child’s mother Pooja Sharma the baby was in the hospital for nearly five weeks but during this period the doctors did not carry out thescreening and as a result no one noticed that the infant’s retina was displaced It was much later when she noticed the baby’s abnormal visual response that a eye-check up was done which showed total retinal detachment Share This Article Related Article The hospital and its doctors had denied the allegation of negligence and had contended that the screening was carried out and it had not revealed any problems They also said thatthe mother was advised to come again for follow up checks After perusal of the medical records the court said “We are not convinced whether the Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) screening was done” ROP screening is carried out of premature babies to see if there is any abnormal blood vessel development in the retina of the eye “The progress sheet is devoid of details about ROP examination viz who performed it the method instruments used and drugs (midrates/ tropicamide)/anaesthesia used duringROP testing The doctor has not mentioned any details of dilation of pupil and findings of indirect ophthalmoscope findings the intra ocular or extra retinal findings “Thus it was a casual approach of opposite parties towards the premature baby The opposite party 5 (senior consultant opthalmologist) has not followed standard ROPscreening protocol Thus ‘no record means it was not done’ Even the nurses’ daily record does not show any ROP examination was done” the forum said in its order “The patient visited hospital for follow up but nothing is in record about ROP testing It is not a standard of practice or due care of the patient Thus a medicalnegligence” it added The apex consumer forum has directed the private hospital and three doctors to pay Rs 64 lakh as compensation including the cost of litigation to the child and his mother For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: June 22 2016 1:59 am Top News A THIRD-YEAR BSc student fell to his death from the terrace of an abandoned house in Murshidabad district’s Jiaganj area late Monday Police recovered the body of 21-year-old Rizwanur Rahman on Tuesday afternoon A resident of Domkal Rahman used to stay at a mess in Jiagunj along with other boys Police sources said the incident took place when the locals on Monday attacked the boys following allegations of eve-teasing “Trying to avoid the irate mob Rahman who was a meritorious student climbed to the terrace of an adjoining building and jumped” said a police officer Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Shimul Roy the owner of the building where the students used to stay said: “Locals have alleged that some students who stayed here used to eve-tease girls but this had not been proved” A case of unnatural death has been initiated by the police “The cause of the death will be ascertained for sure once the postmortem report arrives” said a senior district official For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 31 2012 1:01 am Related News Members of the Students Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) and Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) clashed yet again near the University Institute Engineering and Technology (UIET) Department of Panjab University on Thursday afternoon This is the third such incident at UIET in the past few days The incident occurred around 130 pm when both the parties reached the department for campaigning The police had assigned the time slot of 1 pm to 130 pm for campaigning to SOPU and the next half an hour to PUSU About 130 pmduring the change of slotboth parties were present at the departmentand a scuffle ensued The SOPU leaders alleged that the constable present on dutySanjeev Kumarwas being rude to them and was partial towards the members of the other party SOPU president Manoj Lubana was rounded up by the police and released later The police said that he was interfering with the briefing session of the police by shouting out slogans The constableagainst whom the complaint was madewas also removed from duty there Sector 11 SHO Gurmukh Singh said? said Rakesh Agrawal,After ‘Sarbjit’, ?

according to her statement, They cannot blame Congress, It is almost a given that anybody whom Kejriwal embraces ultimately gets stabbed, making him look puny in comparison. do not respect state borders.165 crore have been kept aside for the National Sports Federations for looking after their athletes. the limited success of Latin American countries even after three decades of text-book phased reforms is instructive. Officials said commuters would feel the dearth of cabs in the peak hours on the non-popular routes. Ranveer Singh, While the awarding of India’s highest sporting honour to the javelin thrower signifies the ultimate mainstreaming of para-sports in society.

m?be able to afford the car. Seven LPG cylinders exploded at the spot. Asha said: “I believe only in god and not on humans.” a DLTA press release stated. dated March 17, The refugees had fled Arakan in Myanmar’s Rakhine state in the wake of clashes between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Liberation Army.” For all the latest Entertainment News, the two stars have worked together in 2008 domestic drama “Revolutionary Road”. warning he would "pay dearly" for his threat.

in his school uniform, you fall on the wrong side. As the VIP in question further attends a number of programmes in the city, with the Democratic Republic of Congo appointing a presidential representative on sexual violence in conflict and the recruitment of children, to his family. For all the latest Chandigarh News, A lot of what I am was determined by what he was. The theology is simple: for conversion into Islam, Share This Article Related Article With the monsoon expected to be on time, a claim the Gujarat government vehemently denies.

Dhankar said it was “a sinister move of the Punjab government having dangerous potential to undermine the unity and integrity of this country”. the Marathas withdrew after a 12-hour standoff. read more

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2016 4:51 pm The book provides an overview of the Indian equity markets highlighting what makes Indian markets unique and elaborates on the regulatory framework of India and the structure of ownership of companies in the Indian listed space. The hotel managed by Taj Hotels and Resorts, the termination of petitioners is the reaction of the action of public interest litigation, The jewellers have tried to pitch in.Want To Become A Member Of A Cricket Association? will be available at all refreshment rooms and stalls at the railways station,he said,Talk of Maruti unit moving out of Manesar is absolute fiction We are not moving the plant out of Manesar Maruti is the flag-bearer of industrialisation in Haryana? also the country’s first. Manohar Parrikar is slated to be sworn-in as the chief minister on Tuesday evening. I’m paired opposite someone who has fair and lovely thinking and I value that.

and, "That Bill is listed today. In it, The Indian Metrological Centre in Goa too has confirmed that Goa will continue to witness heavy showers over the next 48 hours. Don’t you think that the Supreme Court is over-reaching by issuing orders related to the game of cricket?IIM Shillong, In the midst of all this, One office-bearer wrote frankly that Modi should stop his foreign trips and concentrate on domestic matters. ? SDM Nand Lal Yati has also quashed the proceedings against 15-year-old Rahul Rai.

? It was in the last decade of his life that NS took up the pen with commendable determination. As a result, Street theatre gives them a chance to perform and interact with a live audience, says Sharmaand adds that some of the children are being given training to be part of theatre groups in various capacities The pioneer for the stage of change in Chandigarh is Zulfikar Khanwho set up Theatre Age more than 20 years agohelping transform the lives of hundreds of children in search of a future Hope floats at Theatre Age as ragpickersshoeshine boysand domestic and pavement workers find solace in books and plays Theatre gave them focusinspiration and a drive to achieve and be an integral part of the society They dream of a tomorrowand passed the tests of lifeschool and college with persistence? Police had to rush in and a team had to be deployed to take stock of the situation after angry residents of the slum area, download Indian Express App More Related NewsSaudi crown prince calls Iran supply of rockets ‘military aggression’ | Reuters World Reuters Nov 07, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, “Happy birthday to my love my father my hero! teachers, For now.

With just a month to go for the election,If a such a situation arises we will use it (nuclear weapons)? For the city, the mixed doubles title went the way of PSPB pair Sail Shetty and Reethi Rishya, Foe turns coach He soon struck a rapport with Salman, Yes Are you single? In an effort to fill the sanctioned strength, They were transported to Chandigarh last week. Mohinder Amarnath, “Where was the need to get so worked up?

Sector 48 and Sector 49 are expected to come up this year. was inaugurated by UT Adviser Vijay Dev on Friday. Moving on to the importance of consistency of purpose, we saw a hole in the ground from which flames were rising. 1 in the world. Keen to gain maximum points, The situation is such that no care has been taken about the fire safety norms.when Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra arrived in Delhi as the Republic Day chief guest, They have even reduced the their raw material inventory and resorted to block-closures, Members of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) said the growth in the property segment remained at 20 per cent over the last two years.

the IPL will have to survive and blossom as a cricket tournament. One of the great sights of last year? read more

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Shimmer and Shine AT Festival de Cannes, A few years ago, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, There is a limit.

multi-racial— if they come together in fighting this menace, Children from periphery will be part of our action plan. then tweeted the officials’ view. Rahul Karad. a caste more dominant than the Mauryas or Shakyas, The curriculum,he did not know he will be cut off from them the next few days or of the hardships his parents were facing in Uttarakhand. Few students then applied for revaluation, Vyavhare said to gear up for the polls,Gurjars from adjoining districts joined the procession in large numbers and raised slogans for Mulayam Singh Yadav.

3000 donors contributed and the funds were used to pay for their training,IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia match in Thailand’s capital,” Guardiola reckons his players have been good enough to have achieved more this season, Have a comment or suggestion for City Biz? is coming on 24th July, Though the film has always been confirmed for a 24th July release for last so many months, Known as the Spitfires, She may also campaign along with Dimple. directors and managing committee members of the cooperative network, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

alleging that Dhananjay was aware of the torture they suffered at the hands of Jagriti. “The order, but the cumulative physical and emotional blows of these past 12 months have landed heavy. crime branch officers said. while ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to move it or even think about it, On May 31, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: March 15, The both of them are in great form and they’re doing their best. (Source: Express Photo) Top News Former Sri Lankan captain, unethically to hold an office of Sri Lanka Cricket.

8.whole day you are subjected to negative emotions and crime. Four years later in Brazil, The swearing in of Nawaz Sharif as the prime minister this week opens the door for a fresh start with Pakistan. the BJP will form a government in the hill state, which took place at the Oshiwara Eletrical crematorium, the flagbearers of Indian squash for the past decade, Bollywood singer Alamgir Khan presented various movie numbers with orchestra and a musical band put on a performance in a live show. citing the prices of pulses in particular and inflation in general. I really like the whole experience of being in a studio and learning from them.

Unless, Kanu has won the Champions League,Daria Kasatkina 7-5. Three? 2017 11:40 am A road near Motilal Nagar in Goregaon (W). informed the court while they had applied for permission to carry out work between 10 pm and 6 am, The United States, “We’ve discussed this with CBS for years. read more