Working with Mike Weinberg

first_imgMany sales organizations have an opportunity creation problem. The biggest change they need to make is the change from vegetarian, non-hunters to proactive hunters.Over the last two days, I had the great pleasure of working with Mike Weinberg. Mike is a good friend. I wrote the foreword to his first book. He referred me to this client (so much for our being competitors, like so many people mistakenly believe).So, without sharing his unique recipe, I want to share some thoughts about Mike and his approach.Mike started his part of our workshop by explaining how and why salespeople fail to create and win new opportunities. Mostly, it is because they have a weak set of beliefs and the poor behaviors that accompany those beliefs. The ten or so points he made were spot on, and they got everyone’s attention. Every head was nodding in agreement that the very list he was reciting was an accurate cause analysis of their challenges.Later, he worked on the strategies and tactics that correct the lack of sufficient activity. Of all the strategies he laid out, time blocking was the one that most resonated with the workshop participants—and with me personally. He made the point that if you don’t control your calendar, you are reactive, and it can make you feel like a victim. Everyone in the room acknowledged that this shift alone would change their results.Mike had two more big sections, one on your sales story, and one on presentations. His segment on sharpening your sales story had me rethinking how you can provide proof of the value you can create during a first call without ever saying a word about you or your company. It’s subtle, and it’s smart. Like much of what Mike and I believe, it’s totally customer-focused.The segment on presentations was an unbelievable collection of stories and worst practices. It was a menu of bad behaviors that most of us are guilty of now or have been guilty of in the past. His recipe for presenting is very much aligned with his New Sales Simplified approach. With two slides, Mike corrected the most egregious mistakes that salespeople commonly make. It’s very prescriptive and, like everything Mike shared, immediately actionable.Mike is an entertaining presenter and facilitator without trying to be. He can get loud and animated when he is passionate about a point, but it’s always funny. His sincerity comes across as humble, and much of his humor is self-deprecating. It reminds me a bit of Columbo, Mike smiling the whole time, downplaying how smart the total approach is, knowing that he’s got you figured out.You don’t want to miss any opportunity to see him speak or attend one of his workshops. You will leave energized and armed to win new sales on the other side. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: Four Enemies of the Hustle

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now Do you believe in yourself with every fiber of your being?Do you put being more and doing more before having more?Are you focused on what you can do instead of what someone else is doing?How do you maintain the energy you need to hustle? These four things will destroy your hustle.Doubt: Doubt is a killer. The more you doubt that you can accomplish your dreams and goals, the more you manifest that result. As much as people glamorize hustling, most of the work isn’t glamorous. It requires more time, more energy, and more dedication than most are willing to invest. It isn’t easy, and it comes with failures, setbacks, and serious challenges. It requires a faith. A faith in your ideas. And a faith in yourself.Greed: There is no doubt that hustling and creating value produces an increase in your income. That’s one of the reasons you hustle, no doubt. And there is no shame in wanting more—as long as you are willing to be more and do more to have more. But greed is different. Greed means that you will do whatever is necessary to make money, including hurting other people. There are people who have hustled their way to massive fortunes without being greedy. And there are greedy people with relatively little who believe the only way to have more is to put money above anything and everyone else.Jealousy: The one great thing about watching what other hustlers do is that they show you what is possible. At some point, you learn that may hustlers aren’t smarter than you, they just work harder. But jealousy will destroy your hustle. You don’t produce better results by focusing on what someone else has. The fact that some hustlers are doing better than you are now has nothing to with what you can achieve. The more you focus on others, the less you are focused on what you should be doing. Admire there hustler. Learn from them.Lethargy: You can’t hustle if you don’t have the energy. You can’t get up early, stay up late, and sustain the level of intensity necessary to build your dream if you are lethargic. The very word “hustle” means to act with haste, to move fast, to get things done. Time by itself doesn’t produce results. Neither will money. If you want to bring your dream to life, you need a relentless energy.last_img read more

How You Should Think About Your Higher Price

first_imgI never speak to companies that have the lowest price in their category. Instead, I spend time with companies—and people—who have a higher price than their competitor’s because they create greater value. Some of the people who work for these companies are totally confident in their price and the value they create. They lead with their higher price, and they have no fear. Others are afraid of their price, and try to keep from discussing it until they are deep into the process, hoping against hope that it doesn’t come up.Here are four truths about your higher price and some notes on how to think about them.You transfer your doubt or your belief to your prospect: Your dream client is not going to pay more for what you sell if you aren’t confident that you deserve to charge more. If you don’t believe you are worth paying more to obtain, neither will your prospective client. However, if you believe you are worth more, so will your dream client.A fear of talking about your price looks sketchy: If you are afraid to discuss your higher price, you look like you are hiding something. What might you be hiding? The fact that you are not really going to create more value than an alternative. Or maybe you project that even you don’t believe you are worth paying more to obtain.If you are better, you have to charge more: You might feel as if your higher price makes selling more difficult. The truth of the matter is, it makes selling easier. What makes selling more difficult is not being better than the alternatives. A higher price is a shortcut for determining the value of something. If you are cheap, it’s because you aren’t good enough to charge more. If your price is higher, then you must be worth more.It’s your responsibility to justify your higher price: You are always going to be asked about your price. Your prospective clients are doing their job by making sure that they get the most value for their investment. They don’t know how to justify the delta between your price and the alternatives. You have to be prepared to justify your higher price, and you have to be prepared to teach your prospective clients to defend it.If your price is higher, you must be better. What do you do that makes you worth paying more to obtain?Do you have the courage of your convictions when it comes to discussing your price? What belief or doubt are you transferring to your prospective clients?last_img read more

Why Technology Comes Last

first_imgIn The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, I wrote about possessing the right mindset, skill sets, and tool kits, but I didn’t emphasize how important is to get these things in the right order.The mindset comes first. Before anything else, you must have the right beliefs and attitudes, as well as all of the behaviors that result from possessing them. This is about who you are at your core. If you want to be a person of influence, things like character and integrity matter a great deal. You have to be the kind of person with whom other people want to do business.You bolt the skills on top of this foundation. What makes the skills work is the person who possesses them. It means nothing to know how to gain commitments if you are not the kind of person that people trust with their business. The activation of skills like presenting, negotiating, and managing change are only as valuable as the person who possess them. Skills in the hands of someone who lacks the character traits to make them work is an exercise in futility.With the mindset and the skill sets in good order, tools can be a force multiplier. The technology can help people produce better results, and in the right hands, it does. What good is a CRM in the hands of someone who lacks the discipline to keep records of their most important possession, namely their relationship. How does email help the person who chooses to hide behind it because they seek to avoid the conflict that is part of doing business? How do the social tools help someone who doesn’t have the business acumen—or the will—to become a peer, someone their clients look to for advice?Right now, because we are in the very early phases of a technological transformation to match the transformation that led us into the Industrial Age, there is propensity for companies to weight their bias towards improving sales by leveraging technologies. And there are many technologies that are worth considering. But to put technology first in the order in which you need to make improvements when it comes to generating business results is to get things exactly backwards.The Air Force Colonel, John Boyd, used to admonish the United States Military with this idea: “People. Ideas. Technology. In that order.” Boyd was right then, and he is right now. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

What Has Your Attention Isn’t What Needs Your Attention

first_imgThe reason I created the Outcomes Planner is that Time Management (which is really “Me Management”) is the difference between success and something less. Being able to know what your most important outcomes are and devoting your time and energy to those things before doing anything else will radically change your results.But there is more to producing the outcomes you need. You also need to remove distractions. Let me ask you a couple of questions as a way of diagnosing whether you are distracted, or more likely, how distracted you really are.When you are working, is your email open or closed?How long did you wait after waking up to look at your email?How far is your smartphone from you right now?How many apps do you allow to provide you with a notification?How long after waking up did you check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram?One of the primary reasons salespeople don’t produce the results they need—or the results they are capable of—is that they are so distracted that they literally don’t do the work.Things That Are Not SalesLet’s start by looking at email. Most people I know work with their email open, as if the most important work they have to do each day is answer email. Not only does it pull their attention away from the most important outcomes they need to achieve, because most of the emails are work-related in some (often small) way, it feels like work.If you work in sales, you have two primary outcomes: 1) create new opportunities by scheduling appointments with prospects and clients to explore change, and 2) capture (win) those opportunities. Everything else is simply a commentary on those two things. It’s not that you don’t need to deal with your email, but rather what is your priority. Your work is not answering email.I am sticking with salespeople here as we wade into a tough conversation about the smartphone. The smartphone is designed to make you more productive, but some of the apps make that next to impossible. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are designed to control your attention in the very same way that a Casino is designed to separate you from your money. These apps, and others like them, are not products that you use; your attention is the product these companies sell to advertisers.When you add in notifications for every text, email, direct message, and flight status (one I refuse to turn off), you have allowed a single device to have more control over your attention than any device deserves. Have you recognized how much power this small device has over your attention?Are You a Poor Example?Now, I am turning my focus to sales leaders, leaders, entrepreneurs—and anyone else in a leadership role with one single question: Are you providing the people in your charge with an example of the behaviors you want to see from them? Or, alternatively, are you not all that different than they are?If you are with a client, your phone is turned off and your email is closed. When you are in a meeting, you aren’t checking the social site every 12 minutes. You are right to give your client your full focus and attention, but that being true, why then would you not give the rest of your most important priorities that same respect?Want to do twice as much work in half the time? Follow this plan:Close the browser and your email.Turn off all notifications and put your phone on Do Not Disturb (if you have kids, put them in your favorites list so their texts and calls come through even when your phone is on Do Not Disturb).Work for 90 minutes on what is most important without checking email, the smartphone, or the social apps.Recognize how much work you completed and how good that felt.If what has your attention doesn’t deserve your attention, shift your focus to the bigger outcomes and avoid making small choices. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Do You Look Like the Answer?

first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now More on a theme from the last couple days here.Your dream client is looking at you to decide whether you look like the answer to them as it pertains to helping them accomplish what they need to accomplish. You may want your dream client to look elsewhere for reasons to buy from you, and sometimes they may look outside of you, their salesperson, for reasons to buy—which is to say that you play almost no role in their decision.You may want your company to be the reason they buy. You love your company, and you believe deeply that it is better than your competitors and that you do better work. If your company is the answer, then you don’t need to create enough value to deserve to win the business on their desire to work with you on their challenges.If you want your product or services to the be the reason your dream client chooses to buy from you, you are also moving the focus and the value created from you to something else. In this case, it may be your product, which in all likelihood isn’t all that different from what they buy now—and maybe not worth firing their existing partner to change. How easy you are to business with and how good your solution is matters, but it’s also evidence that you are not the answer.You may want the return on investment, the tangible results, the outcomes you create or something else that happens to not be you to do the heavy lifting for you, but in a lot of complex B2B sales, none of things matters more than the salesperson—especially if they are going to have an ongoing relationship.As much as some salespeople want to place the burden of creating compelling, differentiated value worth changing for on something or someone else, many sales leaders are no better. They want the process, the methodology, the sales stack, and a dozen things that are not the salesperson to tip the balance to their company and their salesperson.Your dream client, however, is asking themselves whether you are the answer they have been looking for, or whether you are another person without the ability to help them make the changes necessary to producing better results.last_img read more

Goa CM distributes portfolios; retains crucial ministries

first_imgPanaji: Retaining crucial portfolios of Home, Finance, Personnel, General Administration, Vigilance and Transport, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday allotted portfolios to his nine Ministerial colleagues in the BJP-led coalition government.Mr. Parrikar who returned from Lucknow on Monday morning after attending the swearing-in ceremony of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has allocated Public Works Department to Mr. Ramkrishna Dhavlikar of MGP and Town and Country Planning to Vijay Sardesai of Goa Forward Party(GFP).Senior BJP leader and former Dy. Chief Minister Francisco D’Souza of BJP has been given Urban Development while, Mr. Pandurang Madkaikar who had resigned as Congress MLA ahead of polls and got elected on a BJP ticket in February 4 election got Power. Mr. Babu Azgaonkar, second MGP Minister has been given Tourism.Independent MLA from Porvorim Rohan Khavtye got Revune portfolio while second Independent Govind Gaude has been given Art and Culture.The other two Ministers of GFP, Vinod Palienkar and Jayesh Salgaonkar got Water Resources Ministry and Housing with Housing Board, respectively.Mr. Parrikar has allotted one portfolio each to his Ministers ahead of the budget session scheduled to be begin on Wednesday.Mr. Parrikar was sworn-in with his nine Ministers on March 14.last_img read more

Severed head of calf found in U.P.

first_imgAn FIR was filed against unknown persons following a complaint that the severed head of a calf was found close to a temple here.The incident took place in Teliarganj locality, falling under Shivkuti police station, where a devotee spotted the severed head near the premises of a temple, police said.“An FIR has been lodged against unknown persons. We hope to arrest the culprits soon with the help of CCTV footage from a private school located in the vicinity of the temple,” Shalabh Mathur, senior superintendent of police, Allahabad, said.Triggers protestsThe news of the incident triggered protests from Sangh Parivar and Shiv Sena activists who reached the spot and squatted on the adjacent road demanding action against the culprits, leading to disruption of traffic for a few hours.Police officials assured that the culprits would not be spared.Situation under controlAfter pacifying the agitators, Mr. Mathur told reporters that the situation in the locality was under control. A large number of police personnel had been deployed in the area as a precautionary measure, he said.last_img read more

Meerut farmers yet to link bank accounts with Aadhaar

first_imgRamber Singh, a 52-year-old farmer in Meerut, was excited when the Uttar Pradesh government announced a farm loan waiver worth ₹36,359 crore for small and marginal farmers who had taken a crop loan up to ₹1 lakh till March 2016.Mr Singh owns an acre of farm land and he had taken a loan of over ₹1 lakh from cooperative societies. But there is one problem that may bar him from getting the loan.Lack of awarenessOwing to lack of awareness, Mr Singh has not linked his bank account to his Aadhaar number, which is mandatory to avail of the scheme. “I had no idea that I need to link my Aadhaar number with the bank account. Not only me, no one in my circle of farmer friends knows about it. Now that I am aware I will go and get my account linked with my Aadhaar number,” he said.“The problem is that no official knows what is happening as far as the farm loan waiver is concerned. They tell us that the government is yet to decide who can benefit from the decision,” he added.Mr Singh is not the only farmer who finds himself in this situation. A large number of farmers have not linked their bank accounts with their Aadhaar number, something that may adversely affect the implementation of UP government’s farm loan waiver.This lack of awareness is not restricted to Meerut district alone. In other districts such as Bareilly, only 10,000 of the total 60,000 farmers have linked their Aadhaar with their bank account.‘Organise camps’ But O.P. Badhera, the manager of a leading bank in Bareilly which is involved in the implementation of the loan waiver, said banks would soon organise camps in villages to ensure that all the eligible farmers complete the mandatory requirement.V.M. Singh, an activist, questioned the intention and honesty of the state government over the farm loan waiver. According to him, ₹36,359 crore was “grossly inadequate” to give relief to the distressed farmers of the State. He alleged that the “BJP government was only trying to fool the farmers.”“The government had said the waiver would benefit 2.15 crore small and marginal farmers. If that is so, the government needs ₹2,15,000 crore as farmers who have taken a loan of up to ₹1 lakh are eligible,” he said.“That is why ministers have now started saying only 86 lakh farmers will benefit from the loan waiver,” he added.last_img read more

CBI opposes bail plea of Ryan accused

first_imgThe CBI on Friday opposed the bail plea of a 16-year-old student accused in the Ryan International school murder case, saying the recent Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) order to try him as an adult “speaks about his mental status and the heinous crime he committed.”The agency contended that the JJB had passed a very reasonable order denying bail to the student, accused of killing 7-year-old Pradhuman Thakur.“The appeal filed by accused for bail may please be dismissed in the interest of justice,” the agency said.last_img

10-year-old shot at for plucking mangoes in Bihar

first_imgA 10-year old boy was shot in the head allegedly for plucking mangoes from an orchard in Khagaria district of Bihar.The boy, Satyam Kumar, a native of Shergarh village was said to be plucking mangoes with other children in an orchard in neighboring village Pathraha under Gogri police station of Khagaria district.Makuni Yadav, father of the boy who succumbed to injuries, has accused the orchard watchman Ramashish Yadav of firing the shot that killed his son. The mango orchard belongs to Baroh Chaudhury.Deepak Kumar, Station House Officer (SHO) of Gogri police station, however said no empty cartridge or firearm has been recovered from the spot.“Since the boy’s father has accused Ramashish Yadav, we’ve lodged a case and started investigation,” Mr. Kumar said.The police is also probing various angles including accidental firing or if someone else wielding an illegal firearm shot at the boy.last_img read more

Muzaffarpur shelter home rapes case: how ruling ally BJP cornered Nitish Kumar on the issue

first_imgFor the last two weeks, the Opposition parties might have been unsparing in its criticism of the Nitish Kumar-led government in Bihar on the Muzaffarpur shelter home rapes case, but it was the ruling alliance partner BJP that put Mr. Kumar and his government in an embarrassing situation.If  the Rashtriya Janata Dal-led protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on the issue on Saturday pinched the Chief Minister most, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s announcement in Parliament that he was ready for a CBI investigation into the issue if the Bihar government willed so put the State government in a piquant situation.Mr. Kumar, who was maintaining a silence despite the Opposition demand, recommended a CBI probe on July 26.“He [Mr. Kumar] was forced to recommend a CBI inquiry into the case as the Union Home Minister made an announcement, putting him in an embarrassing situation…Mr Singh had thrown the ball in Mr. Kumar’s court and he has no other choice than to go for a CBI probe”, senior RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari told The Hindu.And, on August 1, the second major awkward situation Mr. Kumar faced on the issue was when Governor Satya Pal Malik shot off letters not only to him but also to Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and to the Chief Justice of Patna High Court expressing the Muzaffarpur case as “heart rending”, and suggesting measures to prevent such incidents in future.Apparently much to the discomfiture of the State government, the Public Relations Department of the Governor’s office also ensured that those letters got adequate coverage in media.Since then a few of the media houses said to be close to the ruling BJP, started prime time debate and coverage on the issue asking the party spokesperson why it wouldn’t break up its alliance with Mr. Kumar’s party.Reacting to the Governor’s letter, Mr. Kumar on Monday said, he (Governor) in the letter even had praised State government for prompt action taken in the case.’Pressure tactics’However, some State BJP leaders told The Hindu that State unit of the party was not aware that the Governor was going to write such letters putting the NDA government in Bihar in an embarrassing situation.“The script must have been written in Delhi”, quipped one of them.But, leaders of the the ruling JD(U) have been reading all these ”pressure tactics” by the BJP to corner Mr. Kumar and his party.“We know it’s been done to put pressure on Nitish Kumar to politically marginalize him so that he cannot bargain for more seats in the run-up to the coming Lok Sabha election”, said a JD(U) leader, while quickly adding that, “they’re not politically novice to understand such moves…let the time come and everything will be responded properly”.Earlier on Sunday, a seemingly daunted Mr. Kumar appealed to media to also focus on positive things happening in Bihar.“One negative incident happened and you’re [media persons] are talking about it only…you should also focus on positive things happening in Bihar”, he said at a government programme.“But, State political analyst Ajay Kumar said “the damage has already been done to Nitish Kumar and his government as far as politics is concerned as Lok Sabha election is just months away”.last_img read more

Family disputes claim six lives in Odisha

first_imgA man set his in-law’s house on fire in Banapata village under Balitutha police limits of Jagatsinghpur early hours of Monday.Four persons were killed in the fire.The deceased were identified as Nabaghana Sahu (65), his wife Kamala Sahu (55), daughter Rubina Sahu (26) and son-in-law Harekrushna Mallick (39).After midnight of Sunday, Harekrushna, who had not been in good terms with his wife, sprinkled petrol on the house and torched it. Instantly, his wife Rubina and mother-in-law Kamala caught fire. As the two were screaming in pain, the accused tried to flee from the spot. But his father-in-law, Nabaghana, grabbed him from behind and both died on the spot.Rubina, who was battling for life, had told the villagers how Harekrushna perpetrated the crime.In Laxmiprasad village in Nayagarh district, a woman, identified as Kalyani Khuntia, allegedly administered poison to her minor son and daughter before lobbing them into a pond on Sunday evening. Later, she consumed poison to end her life. While bodies of two to take the extreme step.last_img read more

Odisha to put reflective tapes on cattle horns

first_imgWith stray cattle posing threat to vehicular movement on roads, the Odisha government has decided to put reflective stickers on horns of the cattle across the State.In an order issued to the Regional Transport Officers, State Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda said, “for enhancing visibility of the stray cattle sleeping or standing on roads, it has been decided to put reflective stickers on their horns so that the driver can know about them from a longer distance”.Although road accidents have claimed 43,000 human lives and left 57,684 people grievously injured in 1,04,713 accidents in the past one decade, no study has been conducted as to how many accidents were caused by the cattle.“Cattle wandering on roads has become a major headache…Drivers often bump into cattle and meet with accidents while evading them. Quite a high number of accidents can be attributed to cattle straying on to road,” said Mr. Panda.The recent mishap involving death of 11 persons on the bridge on Mahanadi River near Cuttack has prompted the government for this action. The bus carrying nearly 50 passengers had fallen off the bridge after hitting a buffalo.The RTOs were directed to take immediate steps to put yellow or red tapes on the horns of cattle. Urban local bodies, NGOs or veterinary department could be roped in for the job, he ordered. The RTOs have also been directed to submit action taken reports by December 20.Last month ahead of the Hockey World Cup, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation had started tagging cattle to identify animals which were being frequently set free.last_img read more

Jetty near Jaitapur nuclear plant violates clearance conditions: BNHS

first_imgA jetty planned adjacent to the proposed 9,900 MW Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant (JNPP) in the coastal Ratnagiri district is at the centre of another controversy dogging this project, billed as the world’s largest.The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), in a letter dated January 16, to Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) pointed out that the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the project was prepared by an agency accused of plagiarism and which had been suspended for a brief period. The letter also says that the proposed jetty violates the conditions stipulated in the clearance for the JNPP. Log Ports Private Limited has proposed to develop a jetty at Nate village in Rajapur Taluka of Ratnagiri for captive and third party cargo in phases. In Phase I, the handling capacity of cargo is 5.0 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) which will touch 10.0 MTPA during Phase II. The estimated initial project cost is ₹135 crores excluding the cost of land. Bhagavati Ana Labs Pvt Ltd was assigned to prepare an EIA for the project. In his letter, accessed by The Hindu, BNHS director Deepak Apte, said that the proposed captive jetty is against the very principal of JNPP clearance. “A 10000 MW nuclear power plant on one side and 10.0 MTPA capacity captive jetty on another, the Ambolgadh region with its extremely rich and coastal, marine and plateau biodiversity will not only destroy biodiversity but will also destroy near shore fisheries or artisanal and traditional fishers. Considering that basic requirements of ToR are not fulfilled and thus, warrant to be rejected outrightly, making public hearing untenable,” said the letter.The public hearing is scheduled for January 19 and despite State Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam also writing to the Ratnagiri District Collector, Sunil Chavan, referring to the BNHS feedback, has not been cancelled. When contacted, Mr. Chavan told The Hindu on phone, “I have the letter from the minister but we have to go ahead with the hearing. I cannot tell you more than this.” The JNPP clearance letter categorically states that the coastal region is ecologically sensitive and Ambolgadh and Kasheli coastal areas are important for biodiversity. “The clearance also stated to take appropriate safeguard measures for its conservation,” said the letter, mentioning the BNHS study which identified Ambolgadh and Vyete areas as priority areas for marine and coastal biodiversity conservation. The letter pointed out Terms of Reference (ToR) requiring detailed marine, riparian and creek biodiversity assessment report and management plan. “This basic condition of ToR is not compiled. Thus public hearing is meaningless,” it said. In his letter, Dr. Apte has pointed out that the said establishment “has been given strict warning regarding preparing the EIA using plagiarised data by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) and also their accreditation was suspended from June 15, 2018 to December 15, 2018. This proves that the said consultant is not credible to carry out such research studies.”last_img read more

Assam district shuts down after arrests

first_imgA district in eastern Assam shut down for 12 hours on Tuesday to protest against the arrest of three self-styled nationalist leaders for allegedly extorting money from a “non-local” trader in the name of agitation against Citizenship Bill.The police in Sivasagar district had on Monday arrested Srinkhol Chaliha and Situ Baruah of an organisation called Bir Lachit Sena, Asom and Yunus Tamuli of All Assam Minority Students’ Union for demanding “donation” from a Hindi-speaking trader.The trio also allegedly led a group that attacked the trader’s shop and forced him to apologise on video that was uploaded on social media. “The shutdown was against a conspiracy by the bohiragata (outsider) trading community and the local administration and to demand release of the three leaders,” a protester said.Shutdown criticisedThe incident and the shutdown attracted criticism from across the State for undermining the anti-Citizenship Bill protests. “First demand donation, when confronted attack the shops, then drag owner to police thana, film forceful apology n release it in social media. When police crack, you call for Sibsagar (sic) bandh. These r lumpen, thugs, hooligans in d name of ‘Jatiya Sangathan’ (race-based organisations),” a tweet by television personality Mrinal Talukdar said.“Ultimately chanda e laage (it all boils down to donation),” said another tweet by LuitTweets.last_img read more

NC, PDP warning on Article 370

first_imgNational Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah and People’s Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti on Monday warned the Centre against any move “aimed at scrapping Article 35A” that grants special rights to the people of Jammu and Kashmir on owning property and getting jobs.“It’s our resolve to continue fighting for the protection of Article 35A and Article 370. Any attempt to tinker with the State’s special status will have serious ramifications. A peaceful state like Arunachal Pradesh is also in flames. Any misadventure in fiddling with the special status will unarguably have serious and far-reaching consequences,” said Mr. Abdullah in Srinagar.Ms. Mufti said: “Article 35A is a part of Article 370 which confers certain rights to citizens of the State. By launching an assault on Article 35-A, there are attempts being made to change the Muslim-majority character of J&K. Scrapping it will nullify the legitimacy of accession of J&K with the Indian Union,” warned Ms. Mufti.last_img read more

Panaji records 75.25% turnout

first_imgAround 75.25% of the electorate turned up to vote in the bypoll for the Panaji Assembly seat, vacated following the death of chief minister Manohar Parrikar, on Sunday, with polling concluding on a peaceful note.North Goa Collector R. Menaka said of the 75.25% voters who exercised their franchise, 8,119 were men and 8,799 were women.Special initiatives and infrastructure set up with focus on accessibility seemed to bear fruit, with 101 of the 117 registered Persons with Disability (PwD) casting their votes. Electoral authorities had carried out an audit of all polling stations, in coordination with organisations working for PwD and the State Public Works Department ahead of polls. “The audit led to substantial improvement in infrastructure at all polling stations. For each PwD voter, a personalised plan was prepared by the returning officer, which included house visits by officers and NGOs and transport arrangement for casting a vote,” Chief Electoral Officer, Goa, Kunal said. Polling officials were also sensitised on the needs of PwD voters, he said.Voting began at 7 a.m. with 22,482 voters eligible to cast a ballot. The voting began slowly, but peaked in the evening. Ms. Menaka said that polling was largely peaceful, with only a few minor complaints of crowds gathering within 200 m of the polling stations, which were quickly resolved. “In one polling station, the EVM unit was replaced due to malfunctioning. In two others, VVPAT machines were also replaced,” she said. There was one complaint of a woman voter allegedly being intimidated by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers, but on questioning the woman, it was learnt that she had already voted, Ms. Maneka said. The BJP’s Sidharth Kunclaienkar is pitted against Atanasio Monserrate of the Congress, Valmiki Naik of the Aam Aadmi Party and Subhash Velingkar of the Goa Suraksha Manch for the Assembly seat, which the BJP has held since 1994.Earlier in the day, Mr. Velingkar said, “The BJP has gone to the lowest levels to defame me. People will pay them back today.” Mr. Kuncalienkar, meanwhile, said “Panaji’s voters are all set to choose the BJP, as it is the only option which can provide development.” Mr. Monserrate, who has been charge sheeted for the rape of a minor, said the BJP had tried to assassinate his character. “The judge who is hearing the case will decide my character. The voters will vote on the basis of my manifesto and track record,” he said.last_img read more

Ajanta & Ellora among 12 iconic Indian tourist sites

first_imgThe tourism ministry has identified Ajanta and Ellora caves among 12 sites for development under the Iconic Tourist Sites Project.This comes in the wake of the finance minister’s proposal in this year’s Union Budget to convert 10 prominent tourist destinations into iconic and model destinations. The ancient caves in Aurangabad now figure among the biggest iconic tourist sites in India and are right after Taj Mahal in the list.Read it at Times of India Related Itemslast_img

PNB Scam: Nirav Modi Approaches Law Firms in UK to Help Him Secure Political Asylum

first_imgNirav Modi is frantically looking for a lawyer who can help him secure political asylum in UK, says an exclusive report in The billionaire diamond merchant, wanted in India for an 11,000-crore bank scam, has approached at least two firms in the United Kingdom, sources have told NDTV.One of them is ‘‘Boutique Law, a firm linked to Indian-origin lawyer Anand Doobay who specialises in criminal and regulatory matters, including fraud, extradition and money laundering.’’ The other company whose services Modi is learnt to have sought is Mishcon De Reya. NDTV queries to both these firms have gone unanswered.Read it at FPJ Related Itemslast_img